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New Iron Build (Maltby TE Forged Irons)

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I am planning on building me a set of these irons. I just got a 7 iron head in today to check it out before I purchased a whole set.

 Just wondering if anyone out there has used these heads and get any feedback from you golfers out there. These look very plain to me and with no-nonsence lines or gimmicks to them.

 To me a very attractive iron head...

 Any thoughts??

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I have been using Maltby components since the late 90's.  Mostly I built wedges, putters, and fairway woods...plus an occasional driver.  The irons in my bag, at present, are Maltby TU's circa 2010 or so.

I always liked the TE forged heads and so, a couple years ago, I ordered a set.  They've got DG R300's in them and are about a quarter inch longer than the TU's.  I kept them in the bag for a little over a year.  Then I went back to the TU's.

The main reason was the total weight.  The head weights are close but the shaft weights are not.  After years of swinging the TU's the TE's feel heavy.  My plan is to reshaft the TE's with something (in steel) a bit lighter but still in the same R-flex.

Anyway...I do like the heads.  I tweaked the recipe a bit and it didn't work out like I'd hoped.  Live and learn.  

P.S.  I am going to pull the grips and knock a quarter inch off the butt end.  That might do it.  At any rate it would be less expensive than ordering another set of shafts.

Good luck with your project.

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Right now I play the Titleist AP 2's. They are a great club. When I bought them they had a Kuro Kage graphite shaft in them. After playing them one season I reshafted them with a True Temper TT Lite shaft. I left them one inch long. I have always liked the feel of a longer iron which also made a heavier swingweight. Right around a D-8. I am 66 years old and I still prefer a steel shaft over graphite. Mainly because I find it easier to work the ball. I have really no reason to change other than I just like trying different things. They are a tad longer than my AP-2s, but from the address position they look very nice. Really thinking about giving them a try...

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I bought a couple of the TE heads that I will eventually get around to building for a video. So I have not actually hit them but I can say that they look really good. Never quite know what a club will look like in person compared to pictures, but these don't have any issues in appearance.

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I ended up purchasing a set of these irons. I think they were 250 dollars for the whole set including shafts and grips. Great looking head, and also great to hit. I have played Titleist AP-2's for probably 4 or 5 years now and they are also a great set of clubs. I just wanted to try something different. I left them an inch long just to try them with a bit more weight. They hit great and were very smooth. Really couldn't tell a difference between them and my Titleist. The blades were just a fraction longer, but they had a thinner top line and looked very good at address.

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    • So you can do what you did and add head weight to counter the grip weight. You can find lighter midsize grips, which obviously isn't always a viable option. You can also find shafts with more tip heavy balance points. You could also add a little length to the club to get that weight back. All these options have pros and cons. My personal feeling on SW is that it's mainly about getting a consistent feel through your irons and wedges. I don't care about matching woods, hybrids, putters to an iron SW. Most important for me is a smooth weight progression through the set so each club is getting heavier moving from driver to wedges. The simplest option is start out with just the new grips and no additional weight at the tip. Use whatever iron you want, and hit some balls with impact stickers, foot spray powder, dry erase marker on balls, launch monitor, etc, to look at your impact pattern. Then start adding some lead tape to the back and repeat the process. At some point you should find your consistency is at it's best and adding or taking away weight from that point is detrimental. Then just add the same amount to the rest (remembering head weight influences longer clubs more than shorter so you may want to shave a gram or two off in the longer irons vs. the shorts). Only other thing to look out for if you add weight to the clubs is how you hit them at the end of the round when you are tired compared to the start of the round. Most people can handle an 130g shaft for the first 5-10 swings, but not necessarily by the end of the round.
    • Have you ever gotten a club fitting? I also launch the ball lower than ideal and part of that is my swing, part of that was the shaft I was playing. I wonder if changing to a higher lofted driver will cause you to hit the ball with more spin and you wouldn't see any gains in distance.
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