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    • Day 340 - December 4, 2020 Practiced downtown before we put up some window “frosting” things. Hit a bunch of 6I to start, then hit a few 3I, and finished with some 9I.
    • What’s the largest swing you can make where you hit it solidly most times? 1/4 swing? 1/2?
    • What is happening is the layers of the material the shaft is made of are breaking down. Some graphite shafts are made in a veneer like manner think of it as thin sheets of graphite are overlaid to create the shaft. Bottom line is the shaft need to be replaced. You can find replacement shafts on ebay that are inexpensive.
    • Little slow in posting this, still smiling over this shot. Last Saturday I played at Oldfield CC in Bluffton, SC.  It was a rainy day. #2 I hit my Drive straight down the right hand side of the fairway into the bunker about 260 to 270 in the rain.  Looking at my ball I was sitting about 155is out in the trap, the trap was wet so the sand was not fluffy that relieved me as I felt the shot would easier then. I went up a club as I usually do from a fairway bunker.  Decent lip to clear but felt I could get my 7i up in time to do it.  I went for a standard all ball contact before ground, hovered my club and nailed it perfectly.  It was a beautiful looking ball and landed pin high just right at about 10' from the pin and just stuck there. Missed the putt for birdie but got my par. Still feels good thinking about how that shot felt and flew.
    • Shot a 79 yesterday, that I wasn't necessarily proud of. Started out great. It seemed so easy, a 38 on the front 9, then for some reason, lost my swing on the back and carded a 41 with 2 double bogeys. and a bogey. Today, I made up for it with a pair of 37's, for a nice 74. 2 bogeys, 6 pars, and 1 birdie per 9. Nice consistent golf.
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