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    • If you are 'old' you will surely be familiar with the pre 2019 definition of 'Lost Ball'. The new version says  Lost/1 – Ball May Not Be Declared Lost A player may not make a ball lost by a declaration. A ball is lost only when it has not been found within three minutes after the player or his or her caddie or partner begins to search for it. For example, a player searches for his or her ball for two minutes, declares it lost and walks back to play another ball. Before the player puts another ball in play, the original ball is found within the three-minute search time. Since the player may not declare his or her ball lost, the original ball remains in play.
    • I'm in the same boat as Dave. We golf together often, go to sporting events together and it's all about the grand children when it comes to sports and sporting activities. I did vote for "Other"
    • Plumbrook is short and none too difficult. But a fun course to play and go try to hit bombs all day. If you really play it to score (For me long irons or fairway woods off the tees for well placed pitch and chip in opportunities) it can be an easy course to score on. Greens are usually in good shape and roll true. I lived very close to Chandler Park until I got married in '91 at the age of 32. I used to play 9 in the morning on my way to work on those long days close to the summer solstice.
    • How to get rid of the stuff, that is the question I have. I don't feel like just throwing out my stuff but the thought of selling, packaging and shipping is not appealing. Plus I don't think my stuff is worth anything really. At last count I had 11 putters, 6 drivers, three sets of irons, and an untold number of wedges, chippers, hybrids, etc. Is there a place you can donate to?  
    • Here is a video on "Custom Wedge Shafts" you may find interesting:  The whole question of High Launch vs Low Launch shafts generally applies to driver fittings; here are two videos on that subject you may find interesting:      With respect to my wedge game and testing etc.; I have found minor differences as far as launch angle (measured on a GCQuad) with various stock shafts found on off the rack wedges from the major manufacturers. For me the biggest impact on launch conditions is my delivery of the club head to the ball at impact. A long time ago I had picked up the following tip for hitting a low trajectory shot (I cannot recall where and from who this originated). Called the 2-2-2 setup. Grip two inches down; place the ball back 2 in from normal; pull your front foot back 2 inches. Generally when i use this technique it is with a 1/2 (9 o'clock?) to 3/4 swing (10:30?). Oftentimes I will use this swing with the driver as my "fairway finder" into the wind or with a cross-wind; also when having to keep it low because of a tree. I use it a lot on approach shots into the wind or a cross wind.
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