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    • Shot a 79 yesterday, that I wasn't necessarily proud of. Started out great. It seemed so easy, a 38 on the front 9, then for some reason, lost my swing on the back and carded a 41 with 2 double bogeys. and a bogey. Today, I made up for it with a pair of 37's, for a nice 74. 2 bogeys, 6 pars, and 1 birdie per 9. Nice consistent golf.
    • Speaking of deniers... it's been several months since I've heard anyone say covid-19 is not as bad as the flu.  276,000 covid deaths later (vs. 22,000 flu deaths) and those deniers have gone silent. And speaking of vaccinations... I like the idea of the $1500 incentive to get the shot(s).  Though I think $1000 would get the same results.  I bet that incentive would move 70-80% of the anti-vaxers off the schneid.  They're fickle and easily bought. Then we'd quickly get our herd immunity.  And I can remove this damn mask.
    • This is my 9i from my session this morning.  4 straight balls on the toe and finally 1 in the middle.  10 out of 20 shots on my 7i, 9, 6i & 8i all were toe today. Yesterday my first 8 balls were all toe on my 5i, 2Utility, 3Utility and 5 wood.   Yesterday I adjusted better and finished strong center ball striking. Today I moved closer to the center but still towards the toe. To me the Driver seams a little odd in the fact that I am consistently finding the center of the face.  Yesterday I was center to center low and today I was center to center high on the face.   Any ideas what to do to work on this would be appreciated One good thing about this, I will not be prematurely wearing out the groves of my irons
    • Shot 87 this morning, with 14 GIR/nGIR, 30 putts, and 1 penalty stroke. Looking at my card after the round I had a high event hole on each 9, for a total of +6  on those holes. Also had 3 poor pitch shots that landed short of the green, resulting in another attempted pitch, and if I had to guess, those cost me 3 strokes. Overall okay by my standards, as I work on my new feel.
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