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Limited Rotation

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I'm 44 years old and brand new to golf.  I will be getting a few lessons soon but until then I have a question?  I have limited rotation in my back swing to the point that my club head speed is barely 50-70 mph.  My total distance with my 7 iron averages 140ish when I have a solid strike (with a launch monitor).  My question is this.  Are there any drills that you all have used yourselves that will increase mobility and actually give me a better rotation?  At the moment when I get to the top of my back swing my left arm bends to compensate for the limited flexibility and this is affecting my ball striking I believe.  Any links to websites with visuals would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.

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8 minutes ago, big6_76 said:

My question is this.  Are there any drills that you all have used yourselves that will increase mobility and actually give me a better rotation?  

Create a my swing thread and post a down the line view. It could be that you are just not turning your body well enough. Hard to say what is causing your issues with out seeing your swing. 

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    • I have struggled with the flip as well, and similarly have tried many different swing thoughts and drills to fix it with little success. What has worked for me recently though is this: focusing on keeping my right (trail) wrist hinged from the top of my backswing, as long as possible through impact. I have found that the more specific the instruction, the easier it is for me to carry out the action. In this case, the instruction is simple and direct-  keep your right hand bent back as long as possible. When I tried focusing on a more abstract swing thought like "turn your hips" , I've had a much harder time executing the movement. This video from Eric Cogorno really helped hammer in the concept of keeping the trail wrist hinged:    Who knows if this will work the same wonders for you as it has for me, but it could be something worth considering. Good luck!
    • You know better. So do better. </toughlove>
    • Will keep at it. Obviously what I'm feeling ain't real.
    • Hello. I have Morton's neuroma in my right foot. I'm applying Ice hot with lidocaína and according to my doctor I have to wait for the next month to see any improvements or he has to do an injection. So does any one have experienced this ? Any advice for treatment or how to avoid this and other injuries? Thanks 
    • No width? C’mon Vishal. You can do this. No reason to have that right elbow bending that much. No reason for the club to go back anywhere near that far.
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