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Anyone Who Used to Flip and Now Have Lag in Your Swing - How Did You Overcome?

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On 9/30/2020 at 4:56 PM, iacas said:

Find your single, one priority thing (setup doesn't count - you can do five things at setup and take your time to get them right). One dynamic thing. And work your ass off on that one thing.

I know enough to be dangerously wrong, but also wise enough to know when great advice is given, such as @iacas has given above.  When I am in my practice zone, which is my backyard, I am focusing on one area of my swing - is it impact, is it backswing, is the downswing - what do I want to accomplish/see today.  Great thing is some days I see the mountains move, other days I can't hit my way clear out of a very wet paper sack, but I press  on. Often when doing work at the desk, I am turning my body - working through the torso motions.  My stretches in the say are to replicate what happens in a swing.  Flipping my wrists - I can show you video from about 2 yrs ago and some more recent.  I have gotten better at ball striking, not flipping wrists, but using the the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Son. One part at a time - Erik gave a great reference many moons ago when he spoke of how a classically trained violinist learns a piece (you can insert any instrument here).  At first is seems like disconnected, dissonant notes, yet as they accomplish a piece, they move forward little by little. Then at the end of the day, when it is time to play the notes are fluid and flawless.  This process is about learning it note by note - the YouTube guru's all have a fast cure - the only good one is hard work on A SINGULAR KEY POINT till it is automatic.  Muscle memory is a fantastic thing - it makes things automatic.  Please pardon the ramblings of an old man who had a good day on the course!

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In my experience flipping (casting) the club is s symptom of another swing fault, coming over the top. The root cause for righties is a flying right elbow.  Glue the elbow to your side, it will force you to come from  inside the line and retain your angle on the way down. It will magically aid you getting left. There are a number of other thoughts that can help you delay the hit after you are sure you have the flying  right elbow grounded.



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1 hour ago, Esox said:

Glue the elbow to your side, it will force you to come from  inside the line and retain your angle on the way down. It will magically aid you getting left. 

For some folks. Others like myself will hit blocks to adjacent fairways all day. It is not universal.   

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Hi Everyone, sorry I haven't posted my progress.

Currently I am asking my instructor to help me with chipping and putting in the last 2 weeks and for the next 4 weeks. I realize that this is where I can drop my score fastest. 

On the full swing and lag. Right now on the range I am just doing half swing drill while try to maintain a bowed left wrist (closed club face) and hit the ball with a low trajectory. I find it that if I try my full swing I tend to revert back to the old swing. It is difficult to refrain from hitting full shots at the range but I think it is best if I just be patient with the half swing stinger shots right now. I am hoping to keep doing half swing with bowed left wrist with the tour striker 7 iron and PW to retrain my body, get comfortable with this, and slowly creep into the full swing after 3 months. 

The tour striker irons help but they are not perfect. Amazingly, I can still flip with these clubs although it is much harder to flip.These clubs force me to be less flippy, although not quite having much lag yet.

Separately, I am doing a lot of weight shift drills without the club. Just loading weight on the right foot and then move to the finish position.

On the course I am scoring better. Playing mostly around 90. I have basically stop topping or hitting fat with short irons on the course which was a problem a few months ago. One problem is that now sometimes I suddenly hit 10 or even 20 yards longer on short irons. 

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Slowly I started to understand that the problems with my swing is because of my over the top swing which results in standing up, butts moving forward as @cipher has shown and flipping to compensate. As long as I have an over the top swing I can't never have lag.

I have been watching countless videos and finally today I started to understand that to fix my over the top swing I need to shallow the club at transition. Basically, at the top of the backswing, feel the right hand and wrist loose to allow gravity to pull the club head down, bending right wrist more while tucking the right elbow toward the body ( @Esox mentioned about glueing right elbow to body) at the same time and this facilitates an inside out swing. 

I realized that the video @That L Play posted also mentioned bending right wrist either during backswing or at transition and shallowing club.

I will do a drill that I briefly pause at the top of the backswing, shallow the club and then swing away. Of course, eventually I will not pause too long at the top. What do you think?

Note that I am a right handed player. My videos and images were mirror image.

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First post!

I just got through this wall and the door FOR ME was turning the right knee toward the ball (or the opposite foot toes) while flexing it (because of the hip turn and all the supporting moves...). This enabled my left hip to open and allowed my hands to stay back at my hip. There’s a whole lot of required supporting movement to go with this, all of it necessary, but this particular thing opened up a lot of things for me. 

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    • I've had the slope feature on my laser devices for at least 5 years, and I basically never turn it on.  Its a simple decision based on the Rules of Golf.  If I can't use the slope calculation when I'm playing in a tournament, I don't want to rely on it when I'm playing for fun.  
    • Actually I do ( did ). I write right handed but throw, bat and golf left handed. I bowl left handed, played tennis right handed, Ping Ping..either hand is fine. When I try a new task or tool...I often have to consciously decide which hand feels better to use.   I think you mean anatomy? If the human body is capable of performing an action, there’s nothing opposite or foreign about it. It may be more difficult than another task, but not foreign or opposite.   The hands are the only part of the body directly connected to the club. We can manipulate the face of the club with our hands independently of the rest of the body. I can stand still and hit hooks or slices while keeping my torso practically still.
    • Juli was banned for being an imposter. He was a formerly banned troll who kept signing in with new usernames and from different IP addresses.
    • Juli,    Our dominant hands perform millions of everyday task for us that are in our subconscious mind. We never give them a thought. However, the golf swing is NOT in our subconscious mind . It is a learned conscious task that is totally foreign and opposite to human genetics. If it was NATURAL NBA and NFL and other great PRO athletes would be leading the PGA tour .    Our shoulders ( upper arms ) are the most flexible joints in our body . This enables our dominant HANDS to bring food to our mouths so we could survive as humans and they will ALWAYS roll over, turn down unless we force them / teach them to perform otherwise . The DS only takes 2/10 seconds . Whatever key you choose to use must be  preprogrammed / prepared before you ever pull the shaft back . The human brain can only sort out and perform ONE ( 1 ) task in that short amount of time . So - what is that one thought to be ? Well - their is a direct connection between the brain and it’s dominant hand . The right in your case . It is responsible for dropping the entire lever system down back around behind our torso and to stay right palm upward during the entire DS . If we don’t we definitely know what is going to happen and you can see it on any range in the world . It is the turning of the torso ( inner circle ) that squares the face, not the hands ! Yes - I know this sounds radical and some will say so , but check out * Cortical Homunculus * and see where I am coming from.  thanks for your reply . Good luck
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