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    • This is a start (documentation that outdoors is safer):  
    • Hmmm. Hadn't considered that. I've been through some pretty soft conditions and it's light enough on the front that it hasn't yet been an issue. But, I'll run it through some rough tomorrow and see how it goes.
    • Sadly, this is me to a tee?    
    • I've just bought my third set of Hogan 99 blades after playing srixon z forged blades that weren't correctly statically fit to my length/height. I'm really in the camp of having my clubs correctly statically fit to start with, then learn how to strike, shape my shots from there better. Rather than trying to get better with clubs that aren't really fit right for me. my question is I was going to add half an inch to these Hogan's but then thought maybe I just go the whole hog and re-shaft them all with newer shafts? I do like Nippon modus tour105 stiff that would probably be similar weight to the Apex 4s that are in them already.  in my fitting I was fitted to those 105 because I liked feeling the weight of the clubhead more vs the 120s. But then they just went forward and fitted 120s because the fitter wanted to 'lower my ball flight'. 😡 so in summary, fit new shafts like 105 with extra length in these Hogan's or just add half an inch to the Apex fours in them now?  Any experience? Suggestions?
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