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RIP Eddie Van Halen

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We lost another icon today.  Eddie Van Halen passed away after a long bout with cancer.  Love him or hate him or don't particularly care...he was a force.  The music world is different for having had him in it.  

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Not really a fan, but he's a huge influence on many of the metal guitarists I do listen to, along with Yngwie and Blackmore and Morse.

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This was the song that hooked me. I worked for weeks to try and play Eruption. I could do the hammer ons at the end, but the sweep picking was faster than my humble fingers could do.


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    • Great question. There has been research on the "quiet eye" concept in Golf and how expert players can lock their eyes on the ball during the stroke. A quote from one article regarding the putting stroke (link below): "Experts compared to novices have longer Quiet Eye duration, so that means they look at the ball for a longer period of time during the preparation for the stroke and during the actual stroke. They don’t move off the back of the ball, and then as they hit the ball, they often keep their gaze there. We find that experts use that technique and novices have a much more scattered eye movement plan." There are plenty of articles on the web as well as exercises you can do to develop "quiet eye" skills. Juggling being one of them. From my personal experience my putting suffers when my eye movement strays off the ball and follows the putter head during the stroke. (Internal Focus - see next paragraph) I think another concept that goes along with this is "attention". Here is a quote from an excellent article that talks about this (link provided at bottom): "Where you put your attention in your golf swing can drastically influence your performance. Attention is defined as the act or power of fixing the mind on something. In golf, we have several options where we put our attention. These options can mostly be categorized as external, internal or neutral. External awareness can be defined as putting your attention to something outside your body. For example, focusing on the target during the swing. Research suggests this is the best awareness for peak performance. Internal awareness is focusing on your body while swinging. Example, focusing on your right arm during the swing. Neutral awareness is simply non-related to the task. This can consist of counting while you swing or playing your favorite song in your head." When I am practicing - for example Eric's excellent "drill" - Soft, Straight Trail Arm Challenge. I may do 25 of these swings where my attention is Internal as I concentrate on doing the drill. Followed by 25 swings where I repeat the phrase "Tik (back swing) - Tok (downswing)" Neutral attention. Then I will do 25 swings putting my attention on a target - External attention. Make More Putts by Using a Pre-shot Routine Including Quiet Eye Learn how your eyes influence your body and specifically putting. We’ll walk through what you should be doing with your … Attention – The missing link to golf performance 08We spend so much time in golf looking at and thinking about WHAT we put our attention on like the latest swing theories. Yet so little focus is given to WHERE you as a unique individual need to place your attention to...  
    • The problem is everything you just said has been discussed several times already. If you say the word he says and justify it by being upset then that’s not an acceptable excuse. In this instance he didn’t yell f*** or shit or something like that. It is NOT human nature to say that word, nor is it acceptable. That he said it without thinking belies that it’s easily accessible, top of mind.
    • That’s a part of it. I’ll probably reply with more when our power turns back on for the second time today, but the video also said the player was trying to leave his arms up and just changing his understanding that he had to swing his arms down helped him quite a bit.
    • I'll pile onto this, I look at "the ball", not a specific part of the ball, and not at "not the ball".  
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