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    • Hello everyone I used to be active here until my place was burglarized in Dallas TX and my entire golf gear, among other things, was stolen. Following the burglary and the pandemic I lost my motivation to play golf. Last week I moved to Vegas, and today my wonderful wife ordered a new set for my upcoming birthday. It is an all Taylormade M2 set which was on discount at Dick's; my goal is to play with that product price range until I score in the 80s again. I will only buy better clubs after I consistently hit below 80, if necessary. I am now looking for good golf courses in the Summerlin area and hope to join a community where I can find likeminded folks to play with regularly. My flexible job enables me to play in the afternoons during the week and all day on weekends. Vegas has transformed a lot. The Raiders built a stadium here, residential areas have grown and lots of master planned communities were built. Nice to be back on TST, it is the best golf community on the web! Nave
    • I have just as much fun playing by the rules, as not. Hell, probably more...
    • Nice!  Olinger can get around the table!  
    • DAY 1  December 4   Due to a pinched nerve in my mid-back, I have not been able to practice for a little more than a week.  So starting again at Day 1!!  Spent a couple of hours on the range, alternating between hitting balls with my feet together (to work on balance and rotating around my thoracic spine) and working with the Swingwyde to focus on swing plane and proper cocking and uncocking of the wrists.  Then spent about an hour on short pitches... which was a total waste of time... chunking, blading, etc.  I have now decided that I need to find a new instructor to help me with this.....  now to sleep and back to the grind in the morning.  The positive part is that I am hitting my irons and full swing wedges so much better than a couple of months ago -- my swing, contact, low point, etc all continue to improve.   
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