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    • The amount of time resting isn't super correlated. Look at the last few days of my time. Look at the time asleep versus the recovery. There's a LOT more to it than just sleeping more. I'll try to get these in order: 29th: 6:46 and 92% (101 HRV) 30th: 7:59 and 87% (79 HRV) 1st: 5:56 and 91% (102 HRV) 2nd: 7:41 and 68% (73 HRV) 3rd: 5:17 and 40% (59 HRV) Here's a quick chart. As you can see there's no correlation to HRV with sleep time, and the recovery to sleep time is pretty minimally correlated. It's only a five-sample study, though, so…
    • The story in The Witcher is so good though. But I steer more towards story oriented games.
    • Not a favorite but I ran across it yesterday and thought it was funny: "I love golfing in the rain because, then, no one can see my crying." Also ran across this one from Feherty a few weeks ago: "Watching Phil Mickelson play golf is like watching a drunk chasing a balloon near the edge of a cliff" But one of my favorites is from Sam Snead: Of all the hazards, fear is the worst."
    • I just joined a few days ago.  It's quite good.  Hit me up if you have a launch monitor and get the software. GS Pro - Next Gen Golf Simulator Software for Launch Monitors Experience Next Gen Golf Simulator Software for various Launch Monitors including GC2, GC2-T, Uneekor QED & EyeXO, and many others.  
    • I can't stand the Witcher because of the control set up. I found it to be way too cumbersome.  I never got into dark souls because of the controls as well. I don't like the laggy combat style. You press a button and the character winds up for his attack. Not a big fan.   
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