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Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven "S" Putter

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I think the "S" may have the stroke lab shaft.


The Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven S Putter is a toe hang mallet designed with our multi-material Stroke Lab shaft, weighted alignment fangs, an S-neck hosel and a White Hot Microhinge face insert.


Those are two links.

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They both have the Stroke Lab shaft - the non-S has a double-bend shaft, the S has a hosel.

I think the lighting on those pictures is weird. On both of them, the portion of the shaft closest to the head is steel, but they look black in those pictures (especially the non-S picture). 

(Source: I have the S.)

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She actually mentions the other thing I forgot - non-S is face balanced, S has a little bit of toe hang. 

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If you are looking for a Stroke Lab 7, I have one I would sell you. Literally used one time on course. It's a 34 with the oversize grip.

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1 minute ago, luisfernandezgolfer said:

I'm looking for 35 but just curious, can I see it? how much and why are you selling it?

I will take a picture. I have modified it slightly in that I put a brushed nickel finish on the steel section of the stroke lab shaft. Every other part of that club is matte finished and that bright chrome was distracting in my opinion.

I got it like new from Callaway Pre Owned for like $130. I occasionally forget that no matter how much I might want to, I can't use a mallet style head. Would do $90 shipped to FL.

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