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    • Well the golf season never really ends here so I will add to these numbers with a few more round this year hopefully, but here we go:  I have played roughly 35 times this year, and I have played at: Raveneaux Country Club  Cypresswood (Tradition Course) Jersey Meadow Golf Club Windrose Golf Club Memorial Park Golf Course Cypress Lakes Houston National Longwood Southwyck  Patty Jewett Golf Course Augusta Pines Golf Course Meadowbrook Farms  High Meadow Ranch Pamilla Beach and Golf Club Sterling Country Club Spring Valley Disc and Golf Club Raven Nest Golf Club  I hope to add at least one more course to this list before YE. 
    • Besides the smarty pants answer of a putter or wedge...I looked at game golf (even though I haven't used it much in recent months). I hit almost 40% of my green inside 150 yards so I would say I need an 8 Iron, or maybe a 7 to feel pretty confident about my GIR chances. 
    • Yep, yep, sorry. You're totally right. Brain fart on my part - as soon as I read that I facepalmed and thought about how I knew that but just didn't think at all in typing that part out. The MMR stuff was the 60s, so my mom would have lived through those. But I don't think those were anything near this level, so I think my overall point still stands about how nobody has really lived through something like this to have a history or memory. Oh, to be perfectly clear, I'm not going anywhere near anything you could describe as a "crowd" even if the word "small" is in front of it. The lines at Best Buy had markers every 10' here in Erie, for example, and my wife and I shop at off-hours so as to avoid even like 20 people in the grocery store. Fair enough, but like you even say, I don't think they were anything near or like the level of this particular case. The last one in the U.S. may have been the Spanish Flu stuff. Which I thought just now may have been 1913 (Francis Ouimet), but which was 1918 or so. So, after Eddie and Francis won the U.S. Open together. 🙂
    • You are correct and thanks for the clarification.
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