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My Swing (TPowell1990)

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I've been Playing Golf for: Around 20 years or so off and on.
My current handicap index or average score is: Hard to say my cap as I believe my course hasn't been reviewed in such a long time but I consistently break 80 on a par 72 course if I'm playing decently
My typical ball flight is: Mostly straight with irons but a big fade/slice with the longer clubs
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The big banana ball with the longer clubs


I've played a lot of sports with good success including golf for a while but I've always been very unorthodox style wise. I'm trying to be more technical swing wise as I really struggle otherwise when I don't get to play multiple times a week. I worked with a good instructor locally for about a year and made good progress but I don't really want to make the drive there and spend the money on many more lessons. I'm just curious what people think so far. Below are some of the issues I've had and corrected (partly) and the videos are all with a PW or so. The DTL view was a flush PW right at the target and the side view was fat and pulled which was fairly unusual for me for a miss. 


1. Very shut club face at the top which led to me "saving it" at the bottom with a ton of shaft lean that led to big issues hitting anything but low and weak slices with longer clubs

2. After correcting the shut club face, I couldn't release the club properly still so I had many of the same issues

3. I'm very quick at the top typically especially with my arms/shoulders.








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It looks like according to others my turn is WAY too big which is fine as that day I experimented with a bigger turn in hopes of staying more inside but I'll definitely shorten that up. Curious what others see outside of the turn being too much and the reverse pivot with the head. 

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    • I wasn't looking at win totals. I looked at how guys from older eras did against players who were on tour during Tigers era. How do you explain Raymond Floyd and Tom Watson and Hale Irwin?  Floyd wasn't at the very top playing against Nicklaus. He also missed quite a few cuts. Yet he was ranked 12th in 1992 and in the top 10 in his late 40s. One of three things has to be true. 1. Floyd got much better as he approached 50  or 2. The fields got much better between 1992 and 1996. or 3. There were more good players than being given credit for. Floyd didn't dominate playing against 1970s fields. He wasn't really close to being the best player.   1 and 2 seem rather unlikely. Since 3 seems most likely and since most of the players I listed above had better records playing directly against Floyd a reasonable conclusion is the fields were not substantially weaker at the top in 1976 vs 1996. Ben Crenshaw won a Master's in 1995. Hale Irwin won a US Open in 1990. This wasn't that long ago.  
    • Just got a pellet grill/smoker delivered yesterday, I went with the RecTeq RT 340 and really like it so far.  Made my first meal on it last night, bone in chicken thighs. They turned out amazing. I used Kosmos Q Spicy Chipotle Honey Killer Bee rub and smoked them at 225 for about 20-30 minutes then cranked the heat to 425 and flipped them once until they were at an internal temp of 165. I am making more for some friends today and I will do the same method except I will bring the heat up to 450 maybe even 475 to get the skin just a tad bit crispier. I am also making a smoked queso dip today as well which I will share pictures of The grill -   The chicken - 
    • The only thing really open for debate is how to spell deny-ers. 😷  
    • Found this topic while looking for a different one, but lawncare is one of my other primary hobbies besides golf. Here are a couple shots of mine from this past season. Just did the last mow of the year last weekend. Back in May after a double cut   And in September - can see my hot peppers growing back in the garden too. I grew 8 plants this year and easily got a couple hundred peppers
    • My family came from Detroit, and even though I grew up in northern Virginia, we'd visit Detroit every summer.  My grandfather lived really close to Chandler Park, but on occasion we drove "all the way out there" to Plumbrook.  I was really just starting the game in high school, so my memories of it are pretty hazy, but it was a real treat at that time.
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