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    • Water?!  According to tournaments on TV they don't call it water anymore.  It's a "penalty area".  When I become dehydrated I always go for a glass of penalty area.
    • Have you seen these?
    • So, I had been thinking about one of these after watching some videos of it.  I've been struggling with contact, and it's really been messing with my mind.  When I would hit balls, I would hit a great shot, and then follow it up with a shank or skulled shot.  I started to feel like Charles Barkley in my downswing. While noodling around on Facebook Marketplace, I ran across someone selling one in a package of golf stuff for $20.00.  I got the Smart Ball, plus a small turf mat with a couple of rubber tees, as well as a third that holds an actual tee, a Ziploc bag full of assorted tees, ball markers, and divot tools (as well as a small bottle of nail polish 😕), a Smart Glove to help me with flipping, a set of alignment sticks, and a shag-bag full of balls. I used the Smart Ball (with my old Tour Striker club) and really felt a lot more connected through my swing.  It really helped me to get through the impact zone with authority, and make much crisper contact.  I will keep using this, and highly recommend it.
    • A neighbor just gave us some AlmostGolf balls, and wow are they great.  Solid off the clubface, and they travel a lot farther than the Callaway balls I have been using.  I got a new pack of the Callaways for Christmas, and they feel a lot lighter than the older ones, so they sort of balloon in the wind and don't travel nearly as far. I took my 58° wedge and was hitting the AlmostGolf balls as far as I hit the Callaway balls with my 9 iron.  I am going to protect these with my life.
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