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    • ....meanwhile at the WH  MyPillow CEO hints at scrapped plan to replace CIA director with Trump loyalist A Trump ally's notes visible as he visited the West Wing on Friday revealed a suggestion to replace the current CIA director with the current acting chief of staff at the Pentagon. But according to multiple sources...
    • If he was gay would it matter that he used that word? Again same premise, gay man missed putt yells out in anger not to anyone just yells out in frustration the word. Does that make a difference to the reactions? 
    • Most amateurs myself included are not good enough to swear about a bad shot. I mean what’s really on the line?  Pro’s on the other hand have a lot at stake. Losing a sponsor is a pretty big deal. Will it impact Justin? Initially, but it will wear off over time. But as some already stated, the noise generated from the crowds bring out the comments from the players loud and clear.  Technology could fix it yes but it would look and sound edited.   A Gentleman’s Game? Not lately!  Compared to other sports it was probably nothing if it was just the F-Word but adding the homophobic after was the deal breaker.  Pretty sure Titleist won’t dump him.
    • We appreciate it! ...if you charged $200 an hour, I’d be SOL for the next 10 years or so
    • I just recently bought the book from Amazon. Very interesting concept. Tom Saguto has a ton of videos on the subject & has an online golf school. He recently attended a Stack & Tilt seminar in Florida hosted by Mike & Andy. Tom's videos are on u-tube.
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