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    • An interesting article. I will have to look into this more, but I do think that what you eat matters WAY more than how much exercise you get. Why exercise won't help you lose weight and what actually works A new book offers startling findings about human metabolism. The more I read and learn on this stuff, the more I think it is what you eat that matters more. Also, it's really really hard to eat a lot of calories in fresh foods than it is when you get fast food. A big steak may have 800-1000 calories, but it keeps you full way longer than the burger from Wendy's.  I do think exercise is good for overall health biomarkers. There are a few studies done showing that when you adjust for other factors, those who exercise will have less likely chance for heart disease and other health issues. Just being overweight, doesn't mean you will have the same risks as other people who are overweight if you get exercise. 
    • These look incredible. Looks like I will finally make the switch. Can’t wait to hit these new series.
    • Have you not heard of jungle golf? 
    • The random number generator selected THIS POST as the winner! @Big C, Colin, please PM me your mailing address so that we can have GAME Golf ship your GAME Golf Pro to you!
    • Well based on the last swing in your swing thread you weren’t pivoting correctly, so feeing like you stay on your lead foot is going to help with that. But I’m confused now, you’re a lefty in your swing videos but you’re describing your swing here as a righty?
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