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Possible Fake Clubs at Hurricane Golf?

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So I just bought a new set of irons. I had wanted 3 or 4-pw,gw, however I got a great deal on a 5-pw set. Figured I'd just buy a 3 and 4 iron or utility irons to round out the set. Then I saw this on hurricane golf. New Adams Idea super 9031 proto hybrids. https://www.hurricanegolf.com/close-out-golf-equipment/close-out-hybrids/adams-super-9031-hybrids.html . I haven't played golf for too long and when I started I had wanted to eventually have a few Adams clubs in the bag. However, when I started looking to purchase Adams clubs there was nothing to buy. Apparently Taylormade bought them, took their intellectual property and shelved the brand. So I found these and was immediately excited. Then I noticed a few things, it was black, had a star key weight, and came with Grafalloy prolaunch shaft. The original was white, had a triangle key weight, and came with a Mitsubishi shaft. I was able to find a few pics of used models with black heads on google, all labeled as "tour issue". However, they all had the triangle key weight. It appears that Adams started using star keyed weights on their clubs before being acquired but I can't find any pictures of this model with them that doesn't originate with hurricanegolf.com or their ebay store. Is it possible that Adams golf had a batch of these with star keys, and what's with the shafts? Did hurricane just have some parts laying around and put these together? Could they be fake? For the record I've bought clubs from hurricane once before and everything was in order. However, seeing as how these clubs are from 2013-2014 and they're selling them "new" and they're different to the original, my eyebrows have been officially raised. They did offer the original at one point.  What does everyone think? If they're legit I want them in the bag. Plenty of tour pros are still gaming Adams hybrids.


When tour pros and better players talk, we listen. That's how we became and continue to be the #1 hybrids played on tour…...


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  • iacas changed the title to Possible Fake Clubs at Hurricane Golf?

I don't know your answer. But you may just want to contact Hurricane Golf and ask them for an explanation. If their reluctant to give you one, or if it doesn't jive in your mind you could always balk. 

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I bought them. Heads are legit. Shafts were installed with the logo up which is off putting and the grips are trash. New grips and a shaft pull should solve the problem. I'll still  probably replace them with a long iron or utility iron. I just can't  ever figure out if I'm hitting  an iron or fairway wood. My first set was 1,3,5, 3-pw so I guess  I'm just more use to irons. They fly good when you middle them.

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No such thing as a fake club. If it has a head, shaft and grip and can hit a ball it’s a real club. Your talking about a fake name, who cares about the name if the club works?

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9 hours ago, tinker said:

No such thing as a fake club. If it has a head, shaft and grip and can hit a ball it’s a real club. Your talking about a fake name, who cares about the name if the club works?

They are talking about counterfeit clubs. They most like are not made from the same molds or production lines and therefore will not perform as the OEM model. Also, it is illegal.

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