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    • I went to the range and missed most of the back nine but it was an enjoyable day of golf.  I think Hovland’s +5 may have been my fault since I put some $$ on him.
    • Sorry to root against you.☺️
    • And there I was thinkin' he might be my #2 to root for 
    • Finally got out to play today. Went pretty well, I was finally making good contact. I’ve been trying to feel like my tailbone moves over toward my left heel. Proper hip turn feels pretty drastic but gives much more time to square the face vs swaying on the way back. It feels like I am doing way more hip turn than I actually am. Here is a video showing that.      The only issue I was having today was some over drawing. But man this looks like a giant improvement, more in sync, more shaft lean at impact. I still look like I’m over-swinging some but I like where this is headed. I think lol. 
    • I'm not sure what it is about Rory, but I always seem to root against him? Maybe because they fawn over him too much. I root for Speith to win but he just can't get over the hill, so to speak.
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