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    • That’s a good article. Finau is very obviously a tremendous golfer. His scoring average is consistently great and he has had a great career. Unfortunately “steady” wins less tournaments than “streaky” in golf. Obviously the higher the base level the less streaky a golfer needs to be to win. He also seems like a real nice guy.  Ricky Fowler is another who has had a long spell of great golf but with very few victories.
    • Since February 12th, I've shot 79, 79, 84, 87, 79, 78, 75, 89, and yesterday's round of 82. Yesterdays round of 82, which consisted of a 44, followed by a 38 was crazy. We went to an away course, not my normal home course, and the greens were like glass. I just couldn't get the speed down. I had 4 double bogeys, all due to putting. I had three 4 putt greens. The game came around when I gotr so frustrated that I just looked at the hole while putting. And it worked. Last 6 holes went par, par, double, par, birdie, birdie. I wish I would have changed the putting style sooner.  
    • It was +3 gross. I think if we had played much further back, it would’ve taken up too much time.
    • That's a very nice swing. Only thing I see is your right knee getting too close to the left knee coming to impact. You would have more shaft lean if you kept the distance between the knees wider. 
    • Really? I didn’t know that. Thanks Iacas!  I will retake the videos hitting a ball shortly and repost it.
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