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    • There is no reason you shouldn't be able to get the same amount of adjustment going in any direction with a club. That being said, some cast clubs with multi material construction will most likely bend less and possibly be slightly different in different directions. But assuming that the most anyone would bend a club would be a few degrees, it should be the same in any direction. I chose going flat in the video because it's the easiest to film as you don't move your body much and everything stays in focus better.
    • Or he had a heart attack. Either way poor guy and family. 
    • That was my first thought, too. I don’t mess with the water down in Florida.
    • I just played in an event and was put off by one guy in our group before we even teed off. Players were put in Flighted Groups and due to COVID were would be paired the next day as well.  We were all in carts to begin with.  I find my assigned cart and the other guy had already put his bag in the back, the basket had his lunch/beverage bag and he had his coffee cup, water bottle and cigars in three of the four cup holders!   Let’s talk about his golf bag for a moment...it was so loaded with whatever, rain gear, towels etc I could barely get my bag wedge in.  But the cigars is what set me off.  I guess I don’t get how a person can just assume he can just do what he normally does on any typical golf day with no consideration for a person he hasn’t met knowing full well he has to share a cart. so....I walked!   Cigar smelled like a camel!
    • I love how blatantly edited this picture is. Patrick Reed would disagree. Bryson. Young Jack Nicklaus. Angel Cabrera. John Daly. There are a bunch of major winners with “non-ideal” builds. Those golfers don’t train specifically for golf because their livelihoods don’t depend on golf. There’s nothing wrong with that.
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