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I'm a golfer caught with the crazy bug this year and played more rounds that I have in the past 8 years combined. It's been a fun journey. I'm working on new swing new grip so my game is fluctuating like crazy. I have a high HCP: 19.9. I have an ambitious goal of lowering this to the 10-12 range by end of next year. I'm documenting my journey through YouTube vlog and excited to share it with everyone. 

I also got coaching for the first time, but everything is a work in progress at the moment.. a lot of 3 putts.



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18 minutes ago, Golf With John said:

...but everything is a work in progress at the moment.. a lot of 3 putts.

I bet I can out 3-putt you any day of the week 🙃  Welcome to TST! Look forward to getting to know you. Also, if you haven't already, check out and create your own Member Swing thread on that page


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Welcome to TST! Yes and the group you have found was the best spot to land. So much knowledge here, its crazy!

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    • I'd rather drive.  I want nobody else steering that puppy than me when we're going down the super-steep and dangerous cart paths of Shuksan Golf Course.  Those that live in this area will know what I mean.  I have recurring nightmares of dying on the wet, curvy, moss-slick cart path down to #1 fairway. If I want to get out and run or walk up the fairway the other guy knows to slide over and drive the cart.  Otherwise that squat little vehicle just sits there...
    • I've been wondering if the friends he plays with use that word and so it became top of mind for him in that stressful moment.  Or worse yet, he picked it up from his Dad.  Hope not, in both cases.  But if it is the case what does that say about his friends or his Dad.  Just conjecturing here.  It had to come from somewhere.
    • Then he needs to change that. And do it now.  I say "Panther Piss!" as my interjection of choice when I'm angry. There's very little chance I'm going to offend a panther.  That's just what he says when he gets upset is a terrible excuse... I mean really TERRIBLE. What if he said "Oh, go beat your wife!" When ever he got upset? Or "Kill a (insert racial slur here)!" When ever he gets upset. It's ridiculous to think "Oh that's just what he says when he's upset." 
    • I'd rather ride, given i trust the driver knows how to handle himself or herself in a cart on the course, etiquette and such. If I don't trust the person, I'd rather drive.
    • Interesting. From what I understand you are a "good" (may be even great) putter; so I am guessing for the most part you are probably "target" focused also known as external attention. I can remember playing in an interclub match at Aronimink country club; it was spring, so cool temps, and rained the whole time - I was miserable but managed to win my match. I putted lights out that day - the only thing I remembered is walking up to the ball and focusing on the hole - didn't worry about reading the putt or anything - I wanted to get off the course.
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