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Nexus Hybrid Golf

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Welcome to Nexus Golf

Basically… it’s an 18-hole golf course where they only have the approach shots. So, you:

  • 14 times per round (on average), you tee off in a little simulator building. The simulator shows the hole you’re playing.
  • The simulator tracks your tee shot and shows you where, relative to a few numbered mats, you play your approach shot. So it might say “you hit your tee shot five yards left and two yards short of mat #9”.
  • You play out the hole from there, with short game and putting.

Doing this lets you save all the land for the tee shots - both length-wise (up to about 300 yards or so) and laterally, because if nobody’s hitting a tee shot 275 yards, they can put the holes laterally closer together as people won’t spray shots as far sideways (i.e. few people are going to slice their 7I as much as they’ll slice their tee shot). I imagine the simulator software will probably “soften” some really horrendous shots hit very much sideways to keep you on “your hole.”

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4 hours ago, dagolfer18 said:

I love this! But one question: I went on the website and saw a few dozen mats, but only one green. Is that the only green on the property?

First, I don't think this is actually in place anywhere yet. Second, I think the general idea is that there are 18 greens, because you still play your approach shot to them. Plus any practice greens, etc.

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9 minutes ago, dennyjones said:

So you're hitting your 14 tee shots one after the other on the simulator?


You hit a tee shot. The "simulator" for that hole is at the back edge of the landing area. The simulator says "continue playing the hole from two yards left of mat #11.

So you leave the building and walk to two yards left of mat #11. You hit to the green. You putt out. And then you go to Simulator #2, hit your tee shot on the second hole, and walk out to hit from three yards right of mat #8 that time, to the second green.

This assumes both are par fours, I guess.

The simulators eliminate 300 yards or so from the back tee to the landing area of the hole. Thus a 170-yard hole will play like a 470-yard hole - you just hit the tee shot from the simulator box.

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  • 3 weeks later...

A simulator on all par 4 and 5 holes.  You hit 14 of your 18 tee shots from inside 14 different simulator buildings located on the physical holes.  Hot off the press.....Nexus Hybrid Golf will be open for business in central CT this coming spring.  Exact location....can't say yet, but one of most beautiful courses in CT.  Best case open April 1, worst case June 1.  Starting with only 3 holes playing Hybrid Golf.....need to work bugs out first year and get people loving concept.  I look forward to you guys playing it....I can't wait myself.

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