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The First Snow - Now What?

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We had the first snow that remained on the ground yesterday.  Now what?

A year ago the Mitten had a major snow event in early November.  It seemed like the 2019 season was going to come crashing to an end but within 2 weeks we were back at it.

Clearly this snow won't even last 2 days. Still, many of the local courses are now closed. The question is what now?  Dome?  Simulator?  FL/AZ? Couch?  Fortunately, there are several courses that attempt to stay open year round, "weather permitting."  My go to for November-February golf has been Fox Hills.  Their 3 "Classic" nines typically are in decent shape.  With the new found popularity for golf, it will be interesting to see how hardy the new golfers are.  I hope they remain on the sidelines.

Most winter golf is played on foot, which is fine with me.  A few courses allow carts (i.e. Whitmore Lakes Golf Links), which is great for my buddy, Marty, as he can't walk 18.  Washtenaw Golf Club became another year rounder last winter.  I may venture out and see if Fellows Creek or some other local venues stay open for winter.

Let's all hope for a mild and short winter!

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Mid 50s in Ohio Thursday and Friday if you believe those guys. The advanced forecast rather badly screwed the pooch last week however. 

The home course is generally open until New Year's and we got a handful of other courses that will operate year round if the ground isn't frozen. I love the elbow room out there when it's just cold enough to chase away the squares.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been playing about 3 times per week at the new golf simulators a course near me installed.   I'm starting playing in a league there after the new year.   It beats sitting at home watching TV, actually I really enjoy it.  

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