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2020 Black Friday (Golf) Deals

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Let's start off with TRUE Linkswear, offering $65 Eco Knits, $149 Mystery Boxes, $25 gift cards with every $100 purchase, etc.:


Breeze through your day and round comfortably with our sustainable, ultra-light ECO Knit. Eco is built ‘fore the planet’ utilizing 100% post-consumer recycled yarn to knit the upper. The ECO Knit is the first of its kind...

I'll kick this year off with $65 TRUE Eco Knits. Nice solid shoe, good for golf, practicing, errands.

This is for Walker Trolleys (https://walkertrolleys.com).

Gonna paste this as formatted text from the email…

10% OFF ORDER 30% Off Accessories

Code: BFCM10%OFF

Expires 11/30


Expires: 11/30

Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale is Here...

Our ONLY sale of the year is here and you are going to want to get involved.  These discounts are only available for a limited time from today through Monday 11/30.

Choose ONE of the discounts below that work for you! 

- Enjoy 10% off your total order, which includes trolleys!

- 30% off all accessories, including our custom storage accessories or our matching head covers

Do you like free items?  The discounts below are for you!

- Get a free head cover when you purchase a trolley or storage accessory

- Get a free t-shirt with the purchase of ANY item

Only one discount can be applied per customer.



Expires 11/30


Expires: 11/30


Our push cart is for the golfer who values tradition and history, a product that is all things a modern 'push cart' is, lightweight, portable and convenient, with a look and design that would make our game's founders...


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$26 per dozen for Snell MTB balls if you buy 5 dozen:


MyGolfSpy.com's #1 ranked ball in distance and overall value! For golfers looking for a high-performance golf ball, the MTB-X is our latest 3 piece design offering: Superior Distance - new smaller core offers low driver spin...


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TourStriker is giving a $20 gift card with each purchase. You can use the affiliate link on the right side of the site to get that deal, or, duh, here:


Get a FREE $20 Gift Card for 2020 with your order. Limit 1 per customer. "...ingeniously and simply gives every golfer instant feedback on what a world-class golf swing feels like." - Golf Tips Magazine

This applies to the PlaneMate, the Smart Ball, and other training aids as well.

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Whoop is doing 25% off, and they're giving that "plus" the normal stuff to those who have links to give out, so:


  • $30 off a 6 month membership (standard) 
  • 25% off a 12 month membership (Cyber 5 Promo) 
  • 25% off all accessories with the purchase of a new membership (Cyber 5 Promo)


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How do the sizes compare on the ECO knit? I only have the originals, so can I just use the same size as those or the same as my normal tennis shoes??

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10 minutes ago, nevets88 said:

Pure black full swing grips 40% off. If I buy now and use in the Spring, it'll retain its tackiness right?

My grips are tacky five years later. So, yes. They will be fine.

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My son stole my range finder that I bought through TST marketplace, so I picked up a Precision Pro NX9 Slope. It seems like a good deal and I have been wanting one anyway since the home course is so hilly.

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    • Good to hear.  My parents got theirs yesterday.  It seems like it really reduces stress to get that done. I’m young and healthy so I’m not chomping at the bit.  
    • Got our shots tonight. Moderna vaccine and already scheduled for the follow up shot. Man, but they had things dialed in. Very slick operation and all went well. Many thanks to the folks around the country working these clinics! Except... major side effect! When I went in I had a full head of dark brown hair and when I got home and looked in the mirror imagine my surprise when I saw that what was left of my hair was grey!  Ha! Seriously, no side effects from this shot for me - not even a sore arm!
    • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) A strange movie. Kind of hard to follow along too. Overall, a good dark thriller. I give it a tap in par. 
    • This is what I do as well. When I focus just on the ball, or a dimple on the ball, or a blade of grass, my takeaway gets funky, or more so than usual, and my swing gets all out of sync. 
    • I rarely ever play an extra ball.  if I am on top of the group in front of me and it is open behind me I may go back and replay the hole but that is rare. My preference is to get a true score. The course is to play, the range is for practice.
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