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How Many Times and Where Did You Play in 2020?

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I probably played about 70 rounds in 2020, around 50 of which were between March and August and early September. Once the pandemic hit, I was able to play quite a bit, mainly at three courses, with my round percentages:

1. Umstead Pines (~80%)

2. Hillandale and Occoneechee (total 15%)

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Pine Hills Golf Club: Winder, GA - 7 rounds

Lanier Islands Legacy Golf Course: Lanier Islands, GA - 3 rounds

Collins Hill Golf Club: Lawrenceville, GA - 3 rounds

Sugar Hill Golf Club: Sugar Hill, GA - 2 rounds

Riverpines Golf Club: Johns Creek, GA - 1 round

Stone Mountain Golf Club - Stonemont Course: Stone Mountain, GA - 1 round

Bobby Jones Golf Course - Magnolia Course: Atlanta, GA - 1 round

Chastain Park Golf Course: Atlanta, GA - 1 round

Sadly, just 19 rounds.


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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

56 rounds total (9 were 9hole rounds) over thirteen courses: 

  1. Minnesott G&CC (my "home" course)
  2. Harbour Pointe GC
  3. Bradford Creek CC
  4. Star Hill G&CC
  5. Cypress Landing GC
  6. Lane Tree GC
  7. Ironwood G&CC
  8. Washington Y&GC
  9. The Emerald G&CC
  10. Kinston G&CC
  11. Riverbend CC
  12. Bradford Creek CC
  13. Farmville G&CC

Guess I played a lot more courses than I thought.....

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

On 12/21/2020 at 5:53 AM, CarlSpackler said:

I played 9 times at Homestead GC (many were 9 holers) and once each at Arrowhead, Miami Shores, Miami Valley, and Valhalla. 13 times total. That’s perfect for 2020. 

I am amending my previous response to add the TST gathering at Firestone Farms. That is 14 times.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

On 12/1/2020 at 4:37 PM, Sandy Lie said:

I’ve posted 212 rounds this year.  About 95% have been played at all the Pinehurst courses.   My away scores were played in our InterClub events at Gates Four, Croasdaile CC and Carolina Trace.  A few rounds at Southern Pines.

Finished with 232 rounds!

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    • Well, Yes.  Basically a skinny cart.  When I proposed these to course owner a good quality model was $1,700.  They have Yamahas.  The best, IMO. The math worked.  And, the range of them was waaaay more than twice that of a 2 passenger.  Number of charging stations and overall real estate for same would/could be an issue.  Number of wheels on the course is a valid concern.  I think the weight of singles would somewhat offset that concern. Often, we have a 90 degree restriction.  You know, stay in the rough until you’re even with your shot.  Then go straight out and straight back to the cart path.  Can’t tell you how often that is ignored.  Plus, people unnecessarily driving through low, wet, areas.  Grrrrr!
    • Not necessarily, they come in 2 wheel configurations, basically a scooter.
    • DAY 51  January 23rd.  Great weather so I spent a little over two hours on the range working through 10 drills from the book, "How to Train for Golf Like an Olympian."  Today my focus continued on better rotation throughout the swing.  I placed an alignment rod in the ground facing me when I set up to the ball.  Then hit shots trying to monitor my head movement back and through impact.. this helps me focus on rotating around my spine and less movement off the ball. 
    • Day 19 - did some alignment work today to check where I’m actually lined up vs where I think I’m lined up
    • The only issue I see with individual carts is that means twice as many wheels on the course. 
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