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Rule 9 - Ball Played as It Lies; Ball at Rest Lifted or Moved

Notes as follows. These are notes, not a recap or a summary or anything like that.

9.1 - Ball Played as It Lies

  • Ball played where it lies except when you get to play from another place or lift and replace it.
  • If ball moves during backswing and player finishes stroke, don't replace it, play it from the new position, and if the player caused it to move see 9.4b.

9.2 - Deciding Whether Ball Moved and What Caused It to Move

  • Ball moved only if KVC, otherwise it didn't.
  • Must decide what caused ball to move.
    • Natural forces
    • The player (caddie)
    • The opponent (caddie)
    • Outside influence
  • Latter three only KVC, otherwise assumed natural forces

9.3 - Ball Moved by Natural Forces

  • No penalty, play from new spot
  • Exception: ball on putting green replaced if it moves after having already been lifted and replaced. Estimate if unknown. True no matter what caused it to move.

9.4 - Ball Lifted or Moved by Player

  • Ball must be replaced on original spot except when player takes relief or to replace the ball on a different spot, or when the ball moves only after the player has begun the stroke (see 9.1b).
  • Penalty is GP for deliberately touching ball causing it to move except:
    • Player allowed to lift or move ball.
    • Accidental movement before finding ball.
    • Accidental movement on the putting green.
    • Accidental movement anywhere else while applying a rule: marking the ball, removing a movable obstruction, restoring a worsened condition, taking relief, measuring.

9.5 - Ball Lifted or Moved by Opponent in Match Play

  • Must be replaced except when opponent is conceding next stroke, hole, or match, or opponent lifts or moves ball at player's request to apply a rule or replace ball elsewhere (i.e. "hey can you throw me that ball in the penalty area, I'm gonna drop over here.")
  • One stroke penalty except:
    • when conceding or at player's request.
    • marking and lifting on the putting green by mistake
    • same exceptions for the player in 9.4b.

9.6 - Ball Lifted or Moved by Outside Influence

  • If KVC, no penalty, replace the ball. Applies whether or not the ball has been found.
  • If not KVC and the ball is lost, stroke and distance.
  • If played by another player (wrong ball), see 6.3c(2).

9.7 - Ball-Marker Lifted or Moved

  • If a player's ball-marker is lifted or moved before the ball is replaced, replace the ball or place a ball-marker.
  • If the player or opponent lifts, 1 penalty stroke. 9.4b and 9.5b exceptions apply.
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Rule 10 - Preparing for and Making a Stroke; Advice and Help; Caddies

Notes as follows. These are notes, not a recap or a summary or anything like that.

10.1 - Making a Stroke

  • Has to hit the ball with the clubhead, no pushing, scraping, spooning. No penalty for multiple hits if only one stroke.
  • No anchoring the club. Free swinging from elbows down or held in the hands.
  • Can't make a stroke standing on or across the line (exceptions for tap-ins basically).
  • Can't play a moving ball unless it's:
    • Ball begins moving after player starts backswing.
    • Ball falling off tee.
    • Ball moving in water.

10.2 - Advice and Other Help

  • Can not:
    • give advice
    • get advice
    • touch another player's equipment to learn information that would be advice
  • Can have line of play pointed out off putting green if person or object moves before stroke made
  • On the putting green, cannot improve CATS and can not set an object down, even if removed before stroke is made. Exception for attending flagstick.
  • No setting an object down to take stance.
  • No caddie on extension of line of play when player taking stance until after stroke is made. This was a screwed up rule that they then changed or "clarified" to mean you can back out of it anywhere, even though originally it only said on the putting green. But Tour players had a fit.
  • Cannot make a stroke while getting physical help from the caddie or protection from elements by positioning of caddie or any other person.

10.3 - Caddies

  • Only one caddie at a time. Can't change temporarily to get advice (i.e. swapping in your sports psychologist for a tough hole.)
  • Players may share a caddie. Common sense if ruling involves a shared caddie for who the ruling affects.
  • Caddies can:
    • carry clubs and other stuff
    • search for balls
    • give info and advice
    • smooth bunkers, care for the course
    • remove sand on greens, repair greens
    • mark the player's ball on the putting green
    • clean the ball (14.1c)
    • remove loose impediments/movable obstructions
  • With the player's authorization:
    • restore conditions worsened
    • lift the player's ball away from the putting green under a rule
  • Not allowed:
    • concede anything
    • deliberately stand near the player's line or extension of line
    • replace a ball he didn't lift or move
    • drop or place a ball in a relief area
    • decide to take relief, player has to decide
  • Player responsible for caddie's rules breaches
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Rule 11 - Ball in Motion Accidentally Hits Person, Animal, or Object; Deliberate Actions to Affect Ball in Motion

Notes as follows. These are notes, not a recap or a summary or anything like that.

Before we begin, screw Phil Mickelson.

11.1 - Ball in Motion Accidentally Hits Person or Outside Influence

  • No penalty, even if ball hits another player, opponent, caddies, equipment. Exception: ball played on putting green in stroke play, hits another ball at rest on putting green, GP.
  • Ball played as it lies except:
    • When ball played from anywhere except putting green comes to rest ON any person, animal, or moving outside influence. Ball must be dropped in relief area, one CL, inside same area of the course. If ball is "over" putting green, player must place the ball or another ball under the spot where it first came to rest.
    • Ball played from ON the putting green, replay the stroke except in two cases:
      • hits another ball, see above, GP in stroke play.
      • Ball hits flagstick or person attending flagstick. See 13.2b(2).

11.2 - Ball in Motion Deliberately Deflected or Stopped by Person

  • KVC needed to apply. Person deliberately touches ball in motion, hits any equipment or other object (except a ball-marker or another ball at rest) or any person that the player put in a position so that it may deflect ball. Exception to that is ball in match play when no chance it may be holed (concession, ball needed to be holed to be halved).
  • GP applies to player if he stops any ball in motion (except moving in water).
  • Ball deliberately deflected or stopped played from:
    • Off the putting green, estimate where it would have come to rest. Drop the ball in the relief area (reference point is where it would have come to rest, 1CL, same area of the course, no closer). On the putting green, place the ball. OB, stroke and distance.
    • On the putting green, replace and replay.

11.3 - Deliberately Moving Objects or Altering Conditions to Affect Ball in Motion

  • Don't alter conditions in 8.1 (replacing divot, etc.) or lifting or moving LI or MO. Exception is the flagstick, ball at rest on the putting green, and other player equipment. Players can lift or move:
    • a removed flagstick
    • ball at rest on the putting green
    • any other equipment (except a ball at rest anywhere but the putting green or a ball-marker anywhere)
  • Removing a flagstick is covered under 13.2.
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Rule 12 - Bunkers

Notes as follows. These are notes, not a recap or a summary or anything like that.

12.1 - When Ball is in Bunker

  • Ball is in when any part touches the sand on the ground inside the edge of the bunker or
  • is inside edge of bunker and rests:
    • on ground where sand would normally be (bare spot in bunker)
    • on a LI, MO, ACC, Integral Object
  • If ball lies on soil or grass or other growing or attached natural object inside the edge but not touching sand, not in a bunker. Includes faces of bunkers, grass covered or stacked sod.

12.2 - Playing Ball in Bunker

  • Player may remove LI 15.1 and MO 15.2.
  • Don't touch the sand in the bunker:
    • deliberately touch sand with hand, club, rake, or other object (feet aren't objects, and you can almost do whatever the f*** you want with your feet) to test the condition or learn info.
    • with a club right in front of or behind the ball, making a practice swing, or the backswing
  • Not a penalty when you're:
    • digging feet in to take a stance for a practice swing or stroke
    • smoothing sand to care for the course
    • placing clubs or equipment in bunker
    • measuring, marking, lifting
    • leaning on a club to balance, prevent a fall
    • striking sand in frustration/anger
    • But you get the GP if the actions improve the CATS
  • No restrictions after ball played out of bunker (following same rules as above).
    • True even if player is required or allowed to take S&D or bunker is on line of play of next shot
    • Ends when ball comes back into the bunker or player drops ball in bunker

12.3 - Specific Rules for Relief for Ball in Bunker

  • ACC - 16.1c
  • Dangerous animal - 16.2
  • Unplayable ball - 19.3
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Rule 13 - Putting Greens

Notes as follows. These are notes, not a recap or a summary or anything like that.

13.1 - Actions Allowed or Required on Putting Greens

  • Ball is on putting green when
    • Any part touches the putting green
    • sits on something and is inside edge of putting green
  • Ball may be marked, lifted, cleaned. Spot must be marked.
  • Can remove sand and loose soil, repair damage without being unreasonably slow or making a path or something. Damage doesn't include:
    • normal maintenance practices
    • irrigation or rain or other natural forces
    • natural surface imperfections (weeds, diseased areas)
    • natural wear of the hole
  • No penalty for ball or marker accidentally moved. replace and play on. Ball moves mid-stroke, play on.
  • Replace a ball if marked and lifted when moved by natural forces. Play from new place otherwise.
  • No testing the green by rubbing the surface, rolling a ball. Can test between two holes.
  • Relief MUST be taken from wrong green. Includes lie, area of swing/stance. 1 CL, same area of the course (remember wrong putting green is in general area if ball is actually on green), take all relief. No relief if unreasonable (i.e. player takes out driver for 100 yard shot).

13.2 - The Flagstick

  • Leaving Flagstick in Hole
    • Allowed. Cannot be moved to any position but centered or played as it's found. GP if the ball hits the flagstick.
    • Player cannot decide while ball is in motion to remove flagstick. GP. No penalty if it's removed for another reason, such as the ball is clearly not going to hit it.
    • Another player must not remove a flagstick left in the hole. GP. Unless it won't hit it or they were unaware the player was about to play. See 22.2.
  • Removing Flagstick:
    • Can have flagstick removed.
      • Before playing.
      • If someone tends the flagstick, can remove it after stroke is played.
    • Player deemed authorized person if common sense.
    • Ball hits flagstick or attending person:
      • Ball accidentally hits flagstick or person attending: no penalty, ball played as it lies, unless intentionally done, GP 11.2.
    • Can't leave flagstick in a position to help. Attendant can't deliberately fail to remove the stick or stand in the way of a ball coming by. See also 11.3.
  • Ball resting against flagstick:
    • if any part below surface, holed.
    • If no part below surface, ball not holed and must be played. If flagstick removed and ball moves, no penalty and replace on the lip.

13.3 - Ball Overhanging Hole

  • Ten seconds plus reasonable time to walk, after which deemed at rest.
  • Ball falls in after, add one stroke but ball is holed. No need to put back on lip and putt out.
  • If match play opponent lifts or moves ball overhanging, treated as holed. In stroke play, GP, replace ball on lip.
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Rule 14 - Procedures for Ball: Marking, Lifting and Cleaning; Replacing on Spot; Dropping in Relief Area; Playing from Wrong Place

Notes as follows. These are notes, not a recap or a summary or anything like that.

14.1 - Marking, Lifting, and Cleaning Ball

  • If ball to be replaced, mark right next to or behind ball or hold a club there. 1PS otherwise.
  • Player, anyone the player authorizes (each time) may lift ball. Caddie may lift player's ball on putting green without authorization. 1PS otherwise.
  • Cleaning can occur always on putting green and anywhere else except (1PS):
    • to see if cut or cracked
    • to identify it
    • interferes with play
    • to see if it lies in condition where relief is allowed.

14.2 - Replacing Ball on Spot

  • Original ball must be used when replacing ball except: cannot be recovered, original cut or cracked, resumption of play, original ball hit by another player wrong ball.
  • Player or any person who lifted the ball or caused it to move may replace ball. 1PS otherwise.
  • Replace ball by setting it down. Duh. No pressing it into turf, etc.
  • Spot is vertical location relative to the ground.
  • If lie is altered:
    • in sand, recreate lie as well as possible, but may leave part of the ball visible
    • anywhere else, put in area with similar lie, 1 CL, same area, not nearer. Exception when play stopped in 5.7d.
  • If ball will not stay, player must replace on nearest spot it will stay not nearer, with restrictions based on general area, bunker/penalty area, putting green.

14.3 - Dropping Ball in Relief Area

  • Can use original or another ball.
  • Must drop straight down from knee height (when standing) without touching player or equipment on the fall. Tee used for Ref P counts as equipment.
  • ball must be dropped in and come to rest in relief area, even if it hits someone or something after hitting the ground.
  • No limit to re-drops if ball dropped incorrectly in some way. Don't play incorrectly dropped ball.
  • if the ball won't stay, two legit drops and then you place it. if it won't stay, you try twice and then find the nearest spot it will come to rest.
  • if ball dropped is deliberately deflected, drop again and the player/caddie who deflected get GP if no reasonable chance ball will come to rest in relief area (i.e. running down a path, about to fall into penalty area water)

14.4 - When Players Ball is Back in Play after Original Ball Was Out of Play

  • When lifted, no longer in play. In play again when player:
    • plays a ball from the teeing area.
    • replaces, drops, or places the ball on the course with the intent for that ball to be in play. even if
      • substituted when not allowed
      • replaced in a wrong spot, in a wrong way, or using a procedure that doesn't apply.
    • true even if ball marker marking original spot not removed.

14.5 - Correcting Mistake Made in Substituting, Replacing, Dropping, or Placing Ball

  • Can lift ball to correct before stroke made
  • Player may change to a different rule or relief option when correcting mistake when:
    • ball was put in play under rule that didn't apply. Can use any rule that applies.
    • when ball was put in play under rule that applied but ball was put in wrong place. Player can take relief under same rule but may use any relief option.
    • when ball put in play under rule that applied, dropped in the right place, but rule requires ball to be dropped or placed again. Can take relief under same rule and use same relief option. For example, ball dropped in wrong way.
    • Each of the three above get more restrictive: any rule, any relief under correct rule, same relief option only.
  • No penalties for ball lifted to correct mistake.

14.6 - Making Next Stroke from Where Previous Stroke Made

  • Teeing area: ball can be teed up, etc. All 6.2b things apply.
  • general area, penalty area, bunker: reference point, 1 CL arc, no closer, same area of the course as the RP.
  • putting green: place ball.

14.7 - Playing from Wrong Place

  • GP if not serious breach. If serious breach, GP plus must correct mistake before playing from next hole or returning card, otherwise DQ.
  • If uncertain if serious, play with both balls and inform committee.
  • Player who attempts to correct mistake must report to committee, even if same score with both balls. Otherwise DQ.
  • Committee will decide player's score for hole:
    • no serious breach - GP + ball played from wrong place. Strokes made at other ball don't count.
    • serious breach - GP + ball played from proper place. Strokes made at other ball don't count.
      • If the ball played to correct was also played from a wrong place, player gets 4 penalty strokes, and if serious, DQ.
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Rule 15 - Relief from Loose Impediments and Movable Obstructions (including Ball or Ball-Marker Helping or Interfering with Play)

Notes as follows. These are notes, not a recap or a summary or anything like that.

15.1 - Loose Impediments

  • Player may remove a loose impediment anywhere using any way except:
    • removing loose impediment where ball must be replaced (not on putting green), 1PS
    • restrictions on deliberately removing loose impediments to affect ball in motion
  • Ball moved when removing loose impediments, replace ball and if not on putting green, 1PS, except when during a search or another exception to 9.4b.

15.2 - Movable Obstructions

  • A player may move a movable obstruction anywhere on or off the course with exceptions:
    • Tee markers must not be moved when ball will be played from teeing area.
    • Can't deliberately move something to affect a ball in motion (11.3).
  • If ball moves, no penalty, replace ball.
  • If ball is in or on anywhere except putting green, reference point below where ball was, 1 CL, same area of the course as RP, no nearer.
  • On putting green, lift ball, remove MO, replace on spot.
  • If ball not found but KVC in/on MO, estimate the spot right under where ball last crossed edge of MO. Once player does so, original ball no longer in play even if it's found on the course before 3:00.

15.3 - Ball or Ball-Marker Helping or Interfering with Play

  • Ball on putting green helping: if a player believes a ball may help anyone, the player may mark his ball or have it lifted by the player whose ball it is. In stroke play a player who is asked to lift may play first instead. Agreeing to leave a ball in place, GP. See clarification for "backstopping."
  • Ball anywhere on course interfering with play:
    • area of stance or swing, on or close to the player's line of play such that it could hit it, or is close enough to distract the player
    • the player may require the other player to mark and lift the ball, cannot be cleaned (off putting green). In stroke play, other player may play first instead. Players cannot lift their own ball if they think it might interfere with someone else.
  • Ball-marker helping or interfering with play:
    • may move if his own or require it to be moved the same way as if it was a ball. Measure the movement of the marker.
  • Penalties if players play strokes without waiting or refuses to lift and move his ball or ball-marker.
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