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What Are Your 2021 Golf Goals?

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The goal this year is to start playing again. I didn’t pay a single round in 2020 due to a combination of a lack of time and some back issues but that’s behind me now and I’m ready to play again. 

Hopefully I can get out once or twice a month. 

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To live to see 2022.

Water?!  According to tournaments on TV they don't call it water anymore.  It's a "penalty area".  When I become dehydrated I always go for a glass of penalty area.

Now and after the new year I plan to continue my Evolvr lesson work so that when the spring and summer comes around I can mostly just play and reach my main goal for 2021 of being a sub 5 index golfer

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I am a firm believer in writing down goals so that they are not just a wish.  Here are mine

1 Win my senior club championship

2 Contend at the provincial senior amateur championship

3 Play in the Canadian Senior Amateur

4 Get the 2022 Scotland trip planned and start the reservation process

I have not played enough true competition in the past few years so I am using the fact that this is my first year as a senior to get me back into it.  I have a legitimate shot at #1, and #2 is not a stretch as it is being played at my course.  #3 is possible as it is played about 4.5 hours from me and I want to give it a shot.   Goal #4  - only problem here is spending too much time on this one!

To get these goals -

1   I have already started working on my putting stroke in the basement,  Stroke path is the focus.

2   My Speedsticks arrived this week .  Will start this training in March so I am ready for the season opening.

3  Getting new shaft in my driver.  Despite being fit for the old one, recent testing says it is not right for me at all.

4 Maintain focus throughout round - can take the game seriously AND relax and have fun too.  It's not life or death on every shot.


Check back in in 7 or 8 months.


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Goal Number 1: PLAY MORE GOLF!!!!!!!!!

              I think I only played about a half dozen full rounds of golf last year. ... ugh. 

              I've already signed up for a Wednesday Night Men's League. That should help. 

Goal Number 2: Keep a Handicap.

              I think the league I signed up for will allow me access to keep a handicap. If not, I'll have to find another way. 

Goal Number 3: Take at least one golf related trip. 

              Right now I'm either going to Las Vegas in late April/early May or playing in the Wisconsin trip that's talked about here:


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This is really getting old to say but I just wish l could start making time again to play, now that the virus may be becoming less burdensome on our lives I really need to make a real effort. I love this game so much simply because I feel it parallels life on so many ways, its just you against the course no other teammates to make up for your mistakes or hide from. I love the realization of improvement meaning you suddenly start realizing your seeing scores drop and how your playing certain holes different than say 3 months ago. I really miss posting my scores and watching where my index changes. Anyways my goal right now is just get out there and just do it and any encouragement fram anyone is welcome.

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- Get my index down to single digits (11,5 now)

- Play at least 50 18-hole rounds. 

- Break 80 from yellow tees at my home course (rated 73, 6350 yards) 

- Be more consistant with my driver. Now it goes both left and right and I hit less than half the fairways.  

- Get at least one eagle on a 500+ yards par 5 (my home course has 5 par 5s  (500 - 550 yards from yellow tees),where the shortest one plays a lot longer with the green situated 25 yards higher than the tee, but all reachable in 2 with 2 close to perfect shots)

I will start the season with a 3 days "golfschool" with minimum 8 hours of pro lessons on the range and on the course, and put in enough hours/rounds this year to get there. I will also be more focused on not rushing shots and apply the "every shot counts the same" mindset as much as possible.   

Winter is slowly turning into spring here now, so with some luck the local golf courses might open up in a month or so. I really can't wait. 

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No courses open, but the range was. I pulled out some 2009 Cleveland fairway woods. I was hitting the snot out of them. 2009 Cleveland hybrids, ditto.  I was able to work the ball gently both ways with a minimum of effort. TM's and Pings might have to sit on the shelf for a while.............

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7 minutes ago, Esox said:

No courses open, but the range was. I pulled out some 2009 Cleveland fairway woods. I was hitting the snot out of them. 2009 Cleveland hybrids, ditto.  I was able to work the ball gently both ways with a minimum of effort. TM's and Pings might have to sit on the shelf for a while.............

Be careful about those range sessions.  I had a range session yesterday that Brooks Koepka would have envied.  I played today and a 36 handicapper would not have envied my round.  (A little dramatic license taken here...)

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Great topic!

My Goals for 2021:


  • Single digit Index (Currently 11.6)
  • More birdies that "others" (blow up holes are my Achilles heal)
  • GIR: 40%+ 
  • FIR: 55%+ (currently 48% and I'm generous in what I consider a fairway hit)
  • Scrambling 25%+
  • Play a lot of golf!


  • Track hole by hole stats on every round
  • Focus on swinging "within" myself - tempo and control - I get too aggressive and leads to problems
  • Mental toughness - nicer to myself after screw ups 
  • Getting my hips through (swing thought is hitting the ball with my right hip)
  • Proper fitting and gear upgrade as makes sense
  • Reread Lowest Score Wins! - embrace the wisdom for smarter golf
  • Consistent fade with driver - Currently a 2-way miss is giving me fits
  • Lock in on my putting set up
  • Develop a more consistent golf fitness plan 
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    • 'Cause Titleists, designed in the U.S., only understand English.
    • Day 447: Forgot to post yesterday, but did COVID-19 day-3, -4, -5 drills, and superspeed workout. Played 18 today. Short game was really good, with 8 up/downs. Was overdoing palmar flexion early, but settled into a happy middle ground after a few holes. Had a swing thought for backswing, touch lead shoulder to chin, to make myself do a full turn. Best ballstriking round in awhile, and broke 80. Today’s strokes gained vs. tour player:
    • LOL!  You are obviously a funny and classy woman.  I would have preferred that you quoted the entire sentence in your feeble insult, as it referenced my 20+ year career in the US Marine Corps.  FYI, the games we associated with having "Balls" included: pugil sticks, martial arts (MMA, boxing & wrestling), full-contact sports, endurance events, etc.; definitely not recreational games that children play. As a 60+ year old who *LOVES* playing golf with my son regardless of how well either one of us is playing (and could not relate to your earlier Topic regarding soliciting help for your dad), I am starting to gain an appreciation for how a 60+ year old dad who can still play to a 5 handicap would be "grumpy" having to play golf with his child...
    • And more curious is how the foreign players on the Tour, whose first language is not English, always use English when they talk to the ball.
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