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    • Sorry I don’t have the video but a thorough test of sharpeners was done on YouTube. The Accusharp failed overall. It did in fact sharpen the blade a bit but in the long term it slowly ruined the blade. It was deemed ‘ok’ if you’re just using throw away cheap knives.
    • If you only consider the phrase, ‘steady head’ perhaps. But in the explanation of steady head as it pertains to the golf swing I think they all pass.
    • Hi guys, Ive went and bought a set of Mizuno JPX 921 Forged irons from eBay, prob is l never read the description fully, they are 2 degrees flat. Im 6ft, 36" wrist to floor and using Ping's guide that would make me 2 degrees up(green). My current irons are Titleist AP1 718 and the are more upright from std than the mizunos.... So l know l can have them bent, but do you think going from 2 flat to 2 up will be ok for the clubs...? Thanks Brendan
    • I just can't believe this on top of everything else has happened to him, he was supposed to win 25 majors and at least 10 green jackets and everything just derailed in 2009 and just setback after setback. We got a brief taste of his greatness at Augusta and then the world has to stop and just before we can see the second encore this has to happen.?When he had it all clicking in the early 2000's no one has ever played this game better than him and I don't think we will see anyone ever at least in our lifetimes dominate professional golf like he did ever. When I heard the news I just felt an emptiness I really never felt before about the game, sure the world keeps spinning on its axis but it's just never going to be the same for me on Sunday at Augusta.
    • I watched this video twice. I found it very interesting. Here's what I heard. First, I think the biggest point Mark was trying to make is that a golfer should in an ideal world built their bag one club at a time. As you go to lower and lower lofted clubs, you are more and more likely to need some help getting the ball in the air. It is hard to create proper launch conditions without enough loft. Where in the bag that happens (be it your 6 iron or your 2 iron) will depend upon your delivery, your swing speed, and it will be different for everyone. Some folks can hit a 2 iron. Other folks should drop from their 6 iron on up and go to a SGI iron or a hybrid.  Second, higher loft produces higher consistency. The trend of getting everything lower and lower lofted while possibly helping you hit the long irons, it might be hurting you in the short irons and traditionally higher lofted clubs. Loft is your friend when it comes to consistency.  Third, the further you are from target, the harder it is to hit target... No matter who you are. Fourth, higher handicap golfers are less consistent (i.e. have more bad shots) than lower handicap golfers. This creates a ton of what Mark called "noise" in the data. And with all that noise you can make an argument for anything you like. Therefore be careful when you are testing/getting fitted, because a fitter/salesperson can make what ever they want out of the data.  Finally, better players hit all clubs better. Worse players hit all clubs worse. The archer is more important than the arrow.
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