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    • Played a round early this morning, played crap but had an eagle on the par 5 12th hole. I hadn't even birdied it yet this year. Its a reachable par 5 in two if I get a good drive on the fairway, I had a 300 yard drive and hit a 6 iron to 2 inches off the green, made a roughly 20ft putt for eagle.
    • @wakefield724, the COVID-19 practice plan day-6/7 drills are my go to anytime I feel like short game technique sucks and is costing me on the course. Try them out and see if they help.
    • Have you seen my Covid 30 day videos on the short game? I wouldn’t recommend locking your arms. Soft and lazy rule the day.
    • I re-read this book every six or seven years. Or try to. I've probably read it three times.
    • Unfortunately, this has become the more norm for players. I have resent this as a long time student of the game and feel it basically the "Throws Seniors under the Bus" as in not protecting the Senior field of players for competitions. Guys who feel they need to Win by playing a shorter course have lost my respect as a golfer. That being said, I do feel the game has evolved with the growth of participation and is in favor of "Making it Fun for All" and less demanding on players skills and abilities to become better. Sure everyone wants to become better, but very few put in the time to become better. So allowing the newer players to move forward has been encouraged by USGA and this carries over to those who resent them doing so, IMO. 
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