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    • F.D.A. Analyses Find Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Works Well - The New York Times F.D.A. studies show the shot strongly protects against severe illness and may reduce spread of... 72% in the US. One shot. 20M by the end of March. 100M by June.
    • " I asked for a return 2 days after I received it." Just wondering, why not 10 minutes after receiving it? I once ordere two LH drivers from 3ballsgolf on ebay (I'm in Australia). When they arrived, one had a massive dent in it and the other one was right handed. I sent them an email saying I didn't feel comfortable with these things flying around the world again. They refunded me and said I could keep them. Don't bag ebay - bag ebay SELLERS who are dishonest. Ebay is a fantastic place to buy and sell golf equipment.   "besides I have a month to claim but that doesn’t appear to apply if you don’t live in the USA" Nonsense. Of course you have a right to claim.
    • I have my swing on video from a lesson I took a few months ago and really disappointed in some swing issues, so much that I would be embarrassed to post it in here. I do hit the ball quite well, 12.7 hc, though.
    • Wedges typically used to have distinct design features that differentiated a wedge from an iron.  These days, any club with a high loft is called a wedge.
    • You look about 6'6", 210lbs. I guess you can't boogie but you're delicious. Nice drill!
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