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Ryke Effect - Is This a Valid Mechanism for Closing the Clubface?

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Here is a video by Kevin Ryan demonstrating something called the 'Ryke Effect'  (a mix of his christian and surname).

He freely admits that he was wrong to infer that the 'effect' increases clubhead speed but he still claims it's a mechanism for closing the clubface . 

I thought that Dr Sasho Mackenzie's 'passive torque' concept (image below) could be a method to close the clubface without excessive muscular forearm rotation but this 'Ryke Effect' has thrown another possible mechanism into the mix .  

What are other members thoughts regarding the 'Ryke Effect' and is it a viable mechanism that could be used to square the clubface in the late downswing?  I am assuming that to evoke the effect requires the upper lead arm to move on a steeper plane relative to the horizontal.





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I think…

  • The takeaway from this video is that perhaps amateurs have a smaller angle and better players have a larger angle (~20°) at impact between the shaft and lead forearm.
  • That the clubhead is pulling quite a bit at the bottom of the swing, which will extend the arms and unhinge the wrists and cause the face to roll that way as well.
  • The Sasho stuff still applies.
  • He could have much better explained why the pendulum rotates "under" instead of over the top. I mean, I know why it does that, but it's rolling the "other" direction - as if you'd be hitting the ball with the back of the clubhead. He could have explained that much better.
  • If you didn't make it past the first bullet point in my list, you're still fine. If you didn't even read that one… You're still fine. Let your instructor worry about this stuff.
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    • This drill will help more for that. Try and keep the right elbow from bending more than 90 degrees too.
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