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    • No downside. Simply used for the sound/feel and a little for weight in some cases. There is no getting it out but you shouldn't have any need to. Most golfers prefer the sound after hotmelt. 
    • The guy, the father, with the most heartfelt family that runs out and enthusiastically greets him on the 18th green!  That's who I want to win. I'm a softie on Father's Day who loves that scenario.
    • Played Oakhaven Golf Club yesterday 70.9-122-6608. Shot 89, 43 front 46 back. It rained the entire time during the front 9 but held it together reasonably well. One penalty stroke on the par 5 6th after rinsing my approach shot that came off the heel a bit and was about 8 yards short of the carry. Got up and down from my drop to save a bogey. Stopped for a few beers at the turn and let the rain pass through. Cleared up for a beautiful back 9. The back is completely different than the front and much tighter, water and tree lined. No penalty shots on the back, but got behind trees twice where I had to punch out. I feel I am on the cusp of another breakthrough with my game in the right direction. I have noticed as I begin to tire late in a round, some tendencies start easing back in causing me to push driver or minimally leak it right slightly putting me in some crappy positions. Need to keep it in mind and focus more to drop a few strokes.  
    • Grade: A Likes: It is a very simple drill with no training aids. It worked for me as a bogey golfer to improve my ball striking. That is why it gets an A grade. It can be used on the course. I got my first eagle using this drill as my on course swing, although I had a problem with hitting the ball over the green as I was getting more distance than with my normal swing. Dislikes: It would be nice to see a student work through this drill. I had to experiment a bit to figure it out.  Although Cheney says you can or maybe should use this short follow through as you swing, his own swing has a full follow through.  He should explain how to get to that full follow through. I would like to see him apply this to driver if it can be.
    • Slow doesn’t necessarily apply to putting. Except that it means don’t just rapidly hit a bunch of putts. Take your  time.
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