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    • Trying to slow down the effects of aging in my golf game by improving my technique and equipment to its full potential
    • I know her! Her name is Karen. 😄
    • I heard somewhere a long time ago that good players always put their putter and driver together.  Well, doing that didn’t make me a better golfer but now I’m self conscious about that.
    • Hi Cammy - I’m not an instructor, but just noticed a couple things. At the top, it looks like you may be pulling down a bit with the hands without the body weight shifting forward. And also standing up a bit just before impact with the ball. Just a thought. Others may have better advice than me. I’m learning too. Great job though, considering how long you have been playing. Keep it up! 
    • The main issue with golf is time.  When my job and other responsibilities allowed me to play at least once per week and practice in between, I could play consistently in the high 80s.  But as a weekend golfer it’s tough to maintain enough consistency to stay in the low 90s.  Adding age to the equation makes maintaining consistency even more difficult.  It’s still a fun game if you manage your expectations realistically.
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