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    • Dude. No. I’m going to assume you’re joking to protect my sanity.
    • Just attach the same part of your hand more to the side rather than the bottom. You see almost no knuckles at setup. Weak.
    • I've taken to watching the Golf Channel on mute : the commentators seem to be so busy filling air time that they are often TALKING THROUGH THE SHOT or rambling on about how much they know about so and so ad nauseam. My vote for worst commentating goes to Paul Azinger : nasal, twangy, monotone and know-it-all! Lastly, we all know that the club they are swinging is a GOLF club, the swing is a GOLF swing, the ball is a GOLF ball and the course is a GOLF course. Sincerely, Noel Alden.
    • So would a more functionally sound gripping mechanism be (with club off the ground) align the grip further down, more like this, before I wrap anything around?     Certainly possible, I struggle with 'feel vs real'.  
    • Grip across the palms. You attach your hands to the bottom side of the grip, so when you wrap the heel pad over,  it’s weak. I think it’s in your head. The grips are the same.
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