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    • Maybe they have a kids table near the kitchen for team meals that they can sit at.
    • Gotta love an optimist who sees the 18 holes as half full, not half empty. Sheesh... you'd have a 2 handicap if you didn't have those multiple shanks.  Doctor, heal thyself.  Have you ever thought about hybrids, not irons (with those damn hosels)?  Do they make a hybrid gap wedge???  And Vinsk, have you ever shanked a putt... this I gotta hear...
    • I often con myself into thinking shanks are curable. They’re treatable, but not curable.
    • I always con myself into believing, no matter the circumstances, that my round should have been lower. I remember one instance in a particular when I shot a 9 over 81 and cited all the mistakes I made that cost me breaking 80. One of my playing  says "Are you kidding? The way you scrambled, you turned an 87 into an 81.".
    • Went to the range. Mostly worked out trying top speed the swing up a bit to see were it is at. Pretty decent with the irons, not so good with the driver. Then hit some pitches with the new wedges. Liking them 🙂. Still got to get use them looking thick.  Still got too slow down the backswing to feel it stop sooner. So it doesn't carry on as long. Not ready to ramp up.        A smidge closer, but could like to be a bit shorter. This was slower backswing. Back of left hand facing away more. Hands feel like they are head height (right ear) when I start the downswing. Could stand about 1 ball width further away from the ball (maybe).    Driver Swing - This one will take a while, with a lot of fricken effort. I might spend a lot of my time on the driver versus the irons. The same feel for the irons just don't work here. At least a the speed I want. So for the swing, the feeling is keeping the hands as far away from the body as possible at A3, but not by just keeping the arms straight as long as possible. The feeling was to start the downswing when the hands are head height. I think going forward, I am going to try to feel like the hands are not at head height, but more at shoulder height. Wrist bent at 90 degrees and hands are at my shoulder.  Besides that, needs to be a bit more squatty, and more right side over the ball (squishy).    Iron and more so Drive 1) Keep feeling like the downswing starts, and the hands stop ascending at or just short of shoulder height. I am starting to feel this position better. I can stop by backswing with the driver when I feel my right arm travel on way too much.  2) Feel like hands are pushing away from the body at A2 to A3. I like this feel to help feel where my hands are at in the backswing. If they just go up, and I let the right elbow break then it just carries on for days.  3) Still work on squat move with extension.       
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