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22 minutes ago, boogielicious said:

Welcome! It’s cold here, but no snow. I’m just hit in to my practice net every day.

Ty Boogielicous,

ATM l do not have a net, we are waiting to immigrate to the USA, would have been already done if it was not for Covid and Trump, otherwise l would have had sorted my garden...

I did buy a Puttout home studio tho, so l should be sharper on the greens when March rolls around..



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    • I think you'd find almost none of the top guys would play.
    • I mean, maybe I'm underestimating the additional logistics of an event like this, but they play 20-30 tour events every year.  Its just another tournament on the calendar.  If some men want to opt out, then so be it.  And again, I'm suggesting starting small anyways.  See where it goes, organically.   Maybe it starts with 4 men and women from each of Asia, Europe, and North America.  If its not necessarily the very top 4 North American men at first, its not the end of the world.  The benefit of a tournament specifically designed around mixed gender competition is that it wouldn't have to be women vs women and men vs men.  Have women compete from their tees against the men from their tees.  Have team alternate shot, or scramble competitions.  Have fun with the freedom of something brand new.
    • I am not sure that "working their butts off" has anything to do with grit, but I take your point. My comment was made in jest, at how the boomers always said our generation was so "soft". My personal feeling is that the younger generation I have interacted with are much more cognizant of the challenges we face as a society, especially with respect to race relations and climate change. I am extremely hopeful for the new generation.
    • The PGA Tour is "the men." They're one and the same. The PGA Tour is a member-run organization. So again, what incentives do the PGA Tour/the men (who would be playing in this) have here? Then make one. And please tell me how you're going to overcome the ROW team. The U.S. barely got out of Australia with the W. They're not going to win many events if you're spotting the "ROW" team 2/3 or more of the women's points.
    • Maybe none, but I'm not sure that is the relevant question. The PGA Tour organizes the President's Cup, so their incentives are what really matter. And I think you can make a good case that a mixed event would benefit the tour as a whole. The players' incentives really only come into consideration if you think that the top ranking men might boycott or sit out a co-ed event for some reason.  
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