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    • My set top box died on me, my OTA antenna only works for the small tv, found out I could stream the broadcast on my phone and Airplay it to the big tv. Had no idea I could do that. Thought I was going to do a trial period of YouTube Live or something. The picture is probably better quality than the set top box (FIOS).  
    • Spieth has holed a few chips out already this week. Definitely working it!
    • I’m not sure what you mean. It shows up as a new post. I saw it. That’s why I merged it.
    • Look as if my driving improvement is on track. I hit 6/7 fairways this morning, the other I was barely in the second cut.  Not going to complain about distance, even if the driver I am finding the short stuff with is 20 yards shorter than the driver I was gaming last season. KId pulled an old Ping G400 off the shelf and told me to try it, It works! Very forgiving, and long enough for me.....
    • I own a U-iron (gap wedge loft, I think Ping calls it a utility iron?) and a 50 degree Ping Glide in that loft.  I alternate them depending how I feel.  Right now, I'm on the U-iron, and I made two full swings with it that hit the green.  Sadly, neither was for GIR, but that's hardly that club's fault  
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