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For the better part of a year I was hovering in the mid to lower 90’s with more than a few sub 90 rounds. Enjoying golf with my buddies and looked forward to the round.

Over the last 2 months I have been trending into high 90’s and now firmly back into the 100’s. 

I feel the time has now come that I need to go back to lessons as something has changed and I have 0 idea why. Really crappy when you are this lost and videos or posts here do not click. 

Played yesterday and shot a 111, 60 on the back. Awful golf that starts from the tee box and rattles in my head throughout a round.

I cannot get off a tee box no matter the club and hitting a driver now has become excruciating. 

My conclusion is that while scoring in the 90’s I was a bandaid golfer and that is no longer going to work.  I need to address glaring issues in my set up, swing, backswing and takeaway and anything else related to a swing.

Not really a response type of thread, sorry. But welcome any response anyone feels like posting.

Thanks. Sorry for the rambling.

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A Member Swing topic will be helpful to you, too. With masks, you don't even really have to worry about people seeing your face if you don't want to.

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I signed up for a lesson at The PGA Superstore. They were booked until Feb 20th. No big deal too cold here in NY.

Hopefully it is a productive lesson. Any questions in particular I should ask the pro giving the lesson? 

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As you've indicated the state of your game is in dire straits, it's apparently you have lost all confidence in executing the swing properly.
You may have too many obstructions building, such as swing thoughts and searching for band aid corrections.   
Lessons will help if you clear your mind of past methods which are now habitual. 
Keep in mind, there are probably many aspects to improve to become a better golfer.
And improvement takes a long time and commitment.

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I had my lesson last night. Enjoyed the experience. For the 1st 10 minutes the instructor just talked with me discussing how I golf, what my perceived aim points were. I think I hit maybe 3 full swings and than we proceeded to work on how I grip the club and pressure used take away and downswing getting me to turn over. Needless to say I really did not comprehend prior to this lesson what I was doing on why I was doing it. A lot of work and practice to undo the bad habits I convinced myself 

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