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    • Tiger’s driving could be more erratic than Jack’s.    Driving: Jack (I think they were equal in distance relative to the equipment they were  playing, but Jack stayed out of the shit) Approach (75-250 yards): Wash. Jack takes the longer end (mainly because of some amazing 1 and 2 iron shots). Tiger takes the shorter end. Short Game: Tiger not close. Putting: Wash. Both of them in pressure situations.    Recovery: Tiger Mental: That’s a wash. Performance under pressure: Both How much better than everyone else was Tiger in his prime vs Jack on his prime? Tiger set the bar so high when he was in his prime that most guys behind him weren’t even in the same time zone let alone, the same tour. Jack was pretty damn good but he wasn’t as dominant as Tiger and that’s where Tiger is so much greater than Jack and that’s what makes him the GOAT.  
    • It seems it would be difficult to get the ball to stop on the green. Bump and run can be judged. But let’s say a 150-170yd…it’d be hard to hurl the ball far enough to get there but with a high enough trajectory to stay on the green. Seems like every shot outside 100yds would have to be a bump and run.
    • For those who have tried golf a few times and find it too frustrating(like my wife), I can see where this might be fun for some. Consider me open minded. But that is coming from a snow boarder and someone who also enjoys disc golf as well.  🙂
    • They probably have to pay the same rates so it won’t hurt the course in that aspect.
    • All evidence wold indicate that Tiger has put it in many, many more holes than Jack.   But seriously, Tiger was much better at scrambling and making stunning recovery shots than Jack. But Jack didn't seem to find trouble as often as Tiger.
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