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    • Found this by accident looking at US Open Instagram tweets. Never ordered from here, but I love the food themed headcovers. There are pancakes, tacos, lobsters, avocados (in an Instagram post, not the store right now AFAIK), pumpkin spice lattes, cocktails. There's even a dumpster fire headcover. Also donuts, ice cream, and cat unicorns. I'm leaning towards the pancake one even though I already have a driver headcover. Golf Head Covers | Made in the USA by Cayce – Cayce Golf Unique golf head covers featuring compliment getting, vibrant designs with a durable DURA+ construction that repels water, mildew, and...
    • Day twenty-four, June 18, 2021 played 36 today
    • So...Just played a round with it.  Gotta loud it up into game golf to be sure, but for the most part it seemed to be flying ok.  It just isn't loud for some reason..
    • Day 240: Worked on putting rhythm with a metronome in the basement for about 15 minutes. The worked on short game chips and pitches in the backyard for another 15.
    • I am waiting 10 weeks now on my wedges, with kbs tour stiff shafts and golfpride mcc aline grips standard length only the 56 deg wedge bend down to 55. But i am from the Netherlands clubs should be made in UK and than transported so it might take a few extra days. Lets hope i get them next week. 
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