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    • I have known people that recover from cancer as well. These kind of comments are why other people are saying you are being kind of stupid in saying these kinds of things. Again, it’s about more than you and your friends/family.
    • This is probably the most problematic statement. 🤣
    • I have known people, and I have known statistics, where people survive a really nasty car accident without wearing a seatbelt. But they are a very, very, very small percentage.
    • What facts do you have to support this. There are people who are not fine. Don't judge what your outcome will be just because you only see the immediate people around you are fine.  My aunt was close to being put on a ventilator, she was hospitalized. Yes she is OK now, but she was lucky.  You are willing to accept the risk of being a carrier of the virus? You accept the possible harm you will cause to people around you? How selfish and cruel of you. 
    • 1.  True.  Ignorance is the lack of understanding.  I agree with you. 2.  You think it is stupid to not get it.  I'm ok with that.  I think it is a waste of my time.  I have known people to get COVID.  They are fine.  And yes, I know everybody is different on the reaction.  I'm willing to accept the risk.  And yes, if I wasn't feeling pressure, I would not get it.  So maybe I shouldn't be so general.  You are correct, I don't respect the opinion of deplorable people.  As long as it is not deplorable/against any kind of law. We all have different opinions.  It really is ok.  No reason to get all up in arms about it.
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