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When Will Tiger Return?

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I just can't believe this on top of everything else has happened to him, he was supposed to win 25 majors and at least 10 green jackets and everything just derailed in 2009 and just setback after setback. We got a brief taste of his greatness at Augusta and then the world has to stop and just before we can see the second encore this has to happen.?When he had it all clicking in the early 2000's no one has ever played this game better than him and I don't think we will see anyone ever at least in our lifetimes dominate professional golf like he did ever. When I heard the news I just felt an emptiness I really never felt before about the game, sure the world keeps spinning on its axis but it's just never going to be the same for me on Sunday at Augusta.

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Return to a semi-normal life? Sure, maybe by the end of the year. Return to play golf? Sure, by next year. Return to play PGA Tour level golf? Nah. But I don't know anything, and so

Medically, I have no clue what is possible for him, but I really hope Tiger retires. He's got nothing left to prove in golf, he's got more money than he'll ever spend, and hopefully he makes a full, o

Now that the GOAT is on the mend, though he certainly has a tough road ahead and I wish him the best - is it OK for me to admit that I'm definitely a better driver than Tiger?   😬

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3 minutes ago, Zippo said:

Now that the GOAT is on the mend, though he certainly has a tough road ahead and I wish him the best - is it OK for me to admit that I'm definitely a better driver than Tiger?   😬

Not of a golf ball, perhaps of a vehicle.

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    • You're correct - he did win that Open and that was a big win but I'm not sure he's there, yet. I am rooting for him, though.
    • I probably should do something similar, and used to play other wedges earlier (SW and even LW if needed), but I now only play my PW for all shots in, unless I need to hit a high flop type shot and then use the SW or LW based on lie.  My method of figuring out how to hit the shot is feel and a visual guide to distance.  I guess it isn't good but I don't practice or play regularly enough
    • Was just watching Rory's highlights from day 2. From 1 over to 4 under.  What ball striking. Amazing.  Looks like he is recovering from his ill fated attempt to gain more distance after Bryson's win in the US Open. Can see him winning this tournament if the form continues for two more days
    • Day 35 (5/7/21) - 9-hole league tonight. I can't seem to translate good drives on the range to good drives on the course and threw away a number of shots tonight. It didn't help that I had had a really busy day which included cutting the lawn. Like they say......golf is hard.
    • Well he won a pretty tough US OPEN so I think he’s got what it takes. BD pretty much a mess. Always having to resort to hero shots from tough spots off the fairway aren’t gonna win him too many tournaments. I would assume his SG off the tee were pretty poor for these rounds.
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