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    • I heard David in FL's pool hall will begin to require passport cards beginning on Monday...             😁
    • At the state government level, states can certainly do this, although several have banned covid passports. As to private businesses, the EEOC has already said that the private sector can require vaccinations of their employees, so there’s no real need for a passport. As to the federal level, I doubt Congress would pass legislation mandating passports because public health and safety largely falls to the respective states. Moreover, the White House is on record stating that there will be no passport mandate via executive order or a passport database. 
    • Yep. I can come up with something 
    • I do hope that you realise that in disingenuously pretending to be calm and "polite" whilst all around you are flailing away in their misguided but cute attempts to make a wise and experienced person like yourself see reason makes you look like the worst possible stereotype of someone who embeds himself deeper in the mud by the minute. Just because you are not taking the bait and are ignoring the barbs and insults doesn't mean you are occupying any high ground. Certainly not one of a moral nature, anyway.  When are you going to present some information that would suggest - just SUGGEST, not prove  - that taking the vaccine is probably not a prudent thing to do. We are waiting. Very calmly, very politely. Bet you can't do it.
    • Thanks for posting. We need to see a video of you hitting a ball. Practice swings without a ball can be very different.
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