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    • Golfers, too, have been known to be "Thought process-challenged". I wonder how many would jump at getting a shot that would add 30 yards to their drive and decrease their dispersion?
    • Interestingly, I’d say there are more people at my golf club that have chosen not to get jabbed than at the pool hall.  
    • I'll guarantee you that the unvaccinated are whipping off their masks, too.
    • I hope it doesn't come to having to carry the vaccine card but at this point the people that aren't vaccinated have had the opportunity (except for a few exceptions) and are taking the risks upon themselves.    I've done my part to protect myself, family and friends.   
    • I've been Playing Golf for: 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 85 My typical ball flight is: Draw/hook The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Hook/push/slice Hi everyone, I changed to an in to out path in order to learn to draw and I developed a very nasty hook over the last 18 months (also flipping wrists at impact at times which I am learning to reduce). Now that I've been trying to change it I've been hitting some fades but I would like to know what you all think of the swings in this video. Unfortunately, no ball so I don't know where these would have gone. I'm relatively happy with the backswing and I think there is something about the downswing and release which is causing me issues. I want to learn to change this path to in-to-in and get back to hitting straight! After working on steepening the path a little a couple of weeks back, I started slicing my drives after hitting them pretty straight or with a draw for 18 months, and I've included one horrible one in this post which started straight and went way right. I can see that there's a lot of out-to-in on the path of that one and would also love a couple of ideas of how to bring that back to straight if possible. I've found that hitting with confidence has straightened it out towards the end of my last round, but I was still hitting a bit out-to-in. Overall the combination of these videos show where I am at. Trying to get back to hitting straight after dabbling in the world of horrible hooks with the odd lovely draw.  https://youtu.be/3k_zppbWl3w https://youtu.be/gvHuY36k9T4 https://youtu.be/E_z77EKNrZo Thanks a lot in advance for any advice you can give!     Videos:   
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