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    • I will be competing in a 4-club tournament in a few weeks. I'm leaning toward the following choices: 3-wood -- I usually hit it about 215 but I'm hoping to choke down and swing easier to hit it under 200 6-iron -- for all shots 90 yards to 160 sand wedge -- for all shots under 90 yards  putter -- I don't think I could putt with anything else. I personally think this should be required in order to protect the greens, but that is not the case.  Any thoughts on different or better choices?   
    • Day 510: Did some weight/pressure shot drills in my office at work without a club. Did more takeaway/backswing work at home, and hit some foam balls at slow speed incorporating backswing and weight/pressure shift elements. 
    • Day 77.  More wall drill, mostly with the wall and not with the club in my hand.    At one break I did grab a club and practice a slow backswing that felt like what I'm doing with the wall drill. 
    • I worked on coming in more "in to out" and worked on stopping my right shoulder firing away right at the start of the downswing - I finally fixed my coming-over-the-top issue. However by NOT coming over, I noticed that I'm now coming in way under the plane and I'm constantly hitting turf then ball. I was able to hit the ball somewhat when I came over the top because my clubhead at least was on plane by doing so. Now it's way under. What I don't understand is that if I'm keeping my shoulders and hands back from firing across while also shallowing the club, won't the clubhead always come in under the plane? The only way this wouldn't happen is if I steepen the shaft on the way down so the clubhead isn't stuck, but I heard that's a no-no... so I'm not sure how to proceed. (downswing at shaft parallel - orange line is the shaft lane)      
    • 9th hole.  Not an easy one for me, since it's a hard green for me to hit.  Last year I had an awesome chip in.  This time I actually hit the green and drained the putt (about 20 feet). Five done, 13 to go this year.
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