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    • If its the opinions of millions of people who lack the knowledge to fully understand the vaccine and probably get most of there information from opinionated people not in the specific science community.. I rather stick with the science community on this one.  Your millions of people who choose not to get the vaccine, do not come close to trumping the science community on this one.  When you walk out the front door, you are not potentially carrying a virus we know exists and know has been the third highest killer of people in the past year. Its not like heart disease or cancer, which you can't spread person to person.  Lots of different type of fatalities. They are not contagious events that spread.   Not a fair assessment. We are not going to have COVID around at its peak mortality for our lifetime. Please take that stat down to a yearly event.  That's like saying, Oh, you know this really bad flu season... you are more likely to die during a 500 year flood than die from that flu. To me, that just sounds like a stupid comparison.  If I knew the person was elderly and their driving skills were horrible. Then yes, I would tell them to not get behind the wheel of a car. My coworker, she drives over 100 mph on her motorcycle. I am waiting for the day she doesn't show up at work. I told her that she shouldn't do that.  You can say it is rude of me to butt in to her life like that, but honestly. I don't want to have to go to her funeral. She has an adorable grand daughter who she loves greatly. That would be a tragedy if she killed herself on a motorcycle like that. 
    • Of course. And I gave him mine.😃
    • Day 41 (5/15/21) - Since I haven't cut my lawn in a week, its now like the worst rough you've ever seen . I used the opportunity to practice Sieckmann's "c*ck and pop" shot from "Your Short Game Solution". Clearly, this is a REALLY low SV shot (in the past year there are only 2-3 times I could have used it) but since its useful on occasion, for short (5 yard) shots out of nasty greenside rough to a close pin, I took advantage of the opportunity. Additionally, I worked on pitching motion shots. 
    • And you, for some reason believe that your judgement is better than the millions of others.  To have the temerity to lecture me on my “duty” as a citizen is the height of arrogance.  Given how relatively little you know about me, my family, and my life, it’s also demonstrably ignorant. To say that someone “doesn’t care” that people die because of the virus is utter nonsense and is nothing but a somewhat pathetic attempt to elevate yourself in your own eyes.  I know, I know.  I’m killing people every time I walk out the front door.   Do you drive?  A silly strawman, but since Erik brought it up awhile back, I thought it would be interesting to look at the numbers.  According to the NTSB, someone in the US who begins driving at 16 will average 3 accidents while behind the wheel in their driving career.  Additionally, one out of every 103 accidents results in a fatality...   ...From a probability standpoint, you’re more likely to be involved in a car wreck in which someone dies in your lifetime than I am to “kill” someone simply because I choose to wait a bit before getting vaccinated. Interestingly, even given that, I wouldn’t have the audacity to think that it was my place to tell you to stop driving before you kill someone.      
    • Some Video… Current 6-iron No arm movement feel.  Current Driver Driver swing that feel like they are all turn. Maybe took it a bit to far in the 2nd video. Anything that isn’t this feel the club just keep traveling on further than I want.  Some notes for pitching….  Soft arms, more pivot, keep hands out of it a bit. Can get to handsy. 
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