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    • Thanks for the post and update. I think we are all waiting for them to resolve these issues. I don’t want to abandon it for another system just yet. I do hope they resolve it soon.
    • I assume you do this during "downtime" on the green, when nobody is putting and not waiting until your turn to putt.  Trust me, pacing off a 30 footer, both ways for 60 feet, is time consuming.  But not if you do it while someone else is lining up a putt.
    • I pace off every putt and I am a fast player. I also use the process to 'feel' the green slope under my feet, especially near the hole (obviously being careful of other's line). It takes no time at all and will not contribute to slow play. With the feel under my feet, I am actually more confident of the break and spend less time optically confiming slope than some of my playing partners.   
    • I'll address this right from the top. You continue to get warnings not because you're "giving advice." Not even because you're giving bad or terrible advice. You continue to get warnings — and those warnings will escalate until you get 50 points and you're permanently banned if the action(s) continue — because you're being intellectually dishonest. You're not engaging in an actual discussion or debate, while simultaneously whining about how nobody will engage with you in a debate. You do not tag people. You do not quote people. You do not respond to the points that others make against the nonsense that you post. That's intellectually dishonest. I love swing discussion. I adore swing theory. I relish the chance to learn something new, for someone to show me that I'm wrong about something, or can do something better. What you post ain't that. It's not any of that. Yeah, no. The backswing is how you set up the crucial 0.2 seconds that creates the downswing. I teach a LOT of backswing work, because… it's so important. I agree it's not "complicated" but that doesn't mean it's easy, and it doesn't mean that you can just get the backswing to any ol' spot and you'll be fine. Not remotely accurate. @sinik is not going to have a very easy time playing good golf from the position on the left. What he's going to do is star the downswing by getting to the position on the right, which he does, from which at this point he cannot recover. From which he will make multiple compensations and have a lower ceiling on distance and consistency than he wants. What good do directions on how to get from the Eiffel Tower to the Musée d'Orsay do a guy who is in Berlin? You're a one-trick pony, and the problem with that is… that your one trick doesn't even work half the time. This doesn't say anything except to lump "golf instruction" into one big bucket, while you are over here acting like every golf problem is in one big bucket labeled "dominant hand" or something. You don't teach. You may think you do, but I teach golf. You might have a few people who humor you now and then, but I suspect that few would call what you do "teaching." Oh my. How you hold it matters a great deal. Pulling, lifting, throwing? Those are synonyms to you? No. C'mon man. NO! Your arms do not move "around" or "behind" your torso. NO NO NO NO NO NO! In fact, that's part of what @sinik most needs to correct, because he IS pulling (or throwing? or lifting?) his arms around his torso. No. Also, muscles are not all that elastic. You don't really "stretch" them much - that's not how muscles work. Ligaments and tendons will stretch a bit, muscles… not so much. You don't seem to care where they travel during the backswing, but you end up talking out of both sides of your mouth (so to speak) because you'll point out that the downswing is 0.2 seconds, and you can't possibly control much in that time span (I agree, see below), but then you completely dismiss the backswing and say that all of your efforts should be focused on the downswing. So, there's your challenge. Defend your position by addressing the points I've made above. Use whatever examples you want to use, but do it in THIS topic. You must quote or specifically address things. You can't just ignore what's written above and talk about the cortical homunculus or something.
    • Day 33 (5/5/21) - Rained again today so for inside work I re-watched the "Lead Wrist Cupping and Palmer Flexion" video (Day 4 of the 30-Day Practice plan) and did the drills twice during the day. 
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