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What Are You Listening To?

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Currently playing is the only thing I really even listen to anymore - all my Jimmy Buffett albums converted to MP3's. Song on right now is "Trip Around the Sun" from the License to Chill album.

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I almost took a job in that city, glad I didn't. Buddy has been on the force two years and has seen his share of officer involved shootings already.

I love the bay area. I'm not

really a fan of LA. Anyway, I'm listening the the other coast today. El-P "I'll Sleep When Your Dead" cd. Tasmanian Pain Coaster track

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Something We're Becoming

by Time Machine If its been a while since you've been excited about rap music, you need to give these guys a listen. Their album Life Is Expensive is great.
Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire

That one is on heavy rotation on the radio around here. I keep the channel put. Good song! As a matter of fact, I think I'll pop that one in the iPod right now...

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    • PGA2K21 is good. I play it on the PS4. 
    • Day 83 - Spent more time filming swings. It seems I’m correct at A2 or A3, getting both to be what I’m looking for isn’t working. Have more work to do before sending in more swings. 
    • Rule 2 - The Course Notes as follows. These are notes, not a recap or a summary or anything like that. 2.1 - Course Boundaries and Out of Bounds The Committee has to decide where boundaries are. 2.2 - Defined Areas of the Course There are five: general area the teeing area the green penalty area bunker If the ball is in two areas, it's treated as lying in the general area last, or in the order: penalty area, bunker, putting green. 2.3 - Objects or Conditions that can Interfere with Play Just links to other rules for loose impediments, movable obstructions, abnormal course conditions, GUR, temporary water, or immovable obstructions. No relief for boundary objects. 2.4 - No Play Zones Must take relief when ball, stance, area of swing interfered with here can be an ACC or a penalty area
    • Pm back at ya Piz.  This should be fun.  Thank you Adam as well.  We’ll have to keep comparing notes next spring when the weather gets better.  
    • Last lesson of the year today 12/2: Full swing stuff - backswing and tempo were much improved which is what I’ve been working on so happy with that. We discussed the block fade miss caused by open club face. My transition is aggressive which pulls the club face open when the handle of the club starts moving too quickly (or something like that). Quick fix was to have a feel for the club head moving and widening the arc before the handle starts going. Did some work on this at about 75% full speed and then added speed back as I got the hang of it. Putting work - did a putter fitting and when selecting the alignment aid design, I learned that they don’t matter at all for how I aim. Apparently no matter where the target was, I tended to line my aim up around the spatial configuration of the putting area (e.g., aiming parallel to the edge of the putting surface, or a nearby wall). Once I was aware of this behavior and able to consciously overcome it, my initial aim was really good. When I scheduled the fitting with my teacher I had my mind made up on something from the Edel product line, but I tried one of those ridiculous looking LAB putters and it was undeniably good for me, so that’s what I ended up going with.
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