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Hey All, 

New member from Southeastern PA. I've visited The Sand Trap a few times while searching for some quick fixes for my very broken golf game. Well instead of trying to find those quick fixes, I'm going to make a real effort in improving my game this year. What better way to do that than joining The Sand Trap. (Actually, lessons is probably the correct answer.)

So last year was the best year of golf I've had since I started playing. I broke 90 twice and that's it, very exciting year. I did use last year though as a guide to identify the areas that I need to improve upon this year. I also identified some goals for this year that fall inline with those areas of improvement. 

Goals 2020: 

  • Stop getting into trouble off the tee, establish confidence in my driver - two way miss
  • Improve long & short iron striking, consistency
  • Improve short game - pitching & chipping (getting closer to the hole, leaving myself to far away on those shots)
  • Know the distance of my clubs
  • Break 90 consistently
  • Have a handicap between 15-10 (probably impossible)

I hope to use this forum as an accountability tool and also become an active member in this community. TST has a lot to offer and I would love to be apart of it!



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Welcome to TST! You can certainly find and discuss all the info you need for your goals here. Cheers.

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Welcome to TST.   There are wonderful and extremely helpful instructional content on the forum.   We're glad you've joined.

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Welcome aboard.  You can post your goals to the 2021 Golf Goals thread below.  There is also a 5-minute daily practice thread to motivate you to do at least a little each day (see link below).  Also, you can create a "My Swing" thread to post videos of your swing and get feedback from members (not from Me since I am in need of education and not qualified to offer advice).  Search for "Member Swings" to get information on creating a My Swing thread.








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Welcome to TST! Have fun.

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    • These are the same kind of folks who don’t need attorneys, accountants, or doctors to tell them anything. They know better. 
    • When is it not hard to get a tee time on a Saturday, regardless of covid? That’s why you book in advance, where possible. 
    • You don’t get it. No one here made any judgement. How could we? Do you know the science? Have you studied biochemistry, pharmaceutical medicine, etc? How could we possibly have any educated judgement or opinion? A extremely high majority of those who do know, say take the vaccine. I trust them. They’ve taken it. They are the leaders. Those doctors on the front line take the advice from those who design these drugs/vaccines because they have the education and experience.  I say this too often now. When did one’s profession mean so little? Too many read dr google and think they know something after 5min. 
    • If its the opinions of millions of people who lack the knowledge to fully understand the vaccine and probably get most of there information from opinionated people not in the specific science community.. I rather stick with the science community on this one.  Your millions of people who choose not to get the vaccine, do not come close to trumping the science community on this one.  When you walk out the front door, you are not potentially carrying a virus we know exists and know has been the third highest killer of people in the past year. Its not like heart disease or cancer, which you can't spread person to person.  Lots of different type of fatalities. They are not contagious events that spread.   Not a fair assessment. We are not going to have COVID around at its peak mortality for our lifetime. Please take that stat down to a yearly event.  That's like saying, Oh, you know this really bad flu season... you are more likely to die during a 500 year flood than die from that flu. To me, that just sounds like a stupid comparison.  If I knew the person was elderly and their driving skills were horrible. Then yes, I would tell them to not get behind the wheel of a car. My coworker, she drives over 100 mph on her motorcycle. I am waiting for the day she doesn't show up at work. I told her that she shouldn't do that.  You can say it is rude of me to butt in to her life like that, but honestly. I don't want to have to go to her funeral. She has an adorable grand daughter who she loves greatly. That would be a tragedy if she killed herself on a motorcycle like that. 
    • Of course. And I gave him mine.😃
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