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    • Those millions haven't judged anything. They've passed around nonsense they read on social media. They don't evcen watch actual news chnnels on TV. My judgement in believing experts and scientist trumps millions of people who have been told the vaccine is dangerous by people who know nothing. Of course it does. Where are the experts who say it is dangerous or potentially dangerous? Dr Oz? Dr Phil? There are NONE. Oh - perhaps there are 74 million folks in the U.S.A who, if surveyed  would say that the "have concerns" about the vaccine. Their opinions have zero value. I am not seeing a lack of information. The science community has been fantastic. People who have wanted a vaccine have been given all the information they need. They don't go searching for another conspiracy theory to obsess about. And I'd be very happy to carry a card saying I'd had the vaccine. What's the downside? Being made to feel like a pariah because you refuse to act responsibly?    
    • True. The difference with golf pros, is you’re not as certain you’re getting a good one just because they’re a PGA member. Many of the PGM programs at universities focus more on business management and passing the PAT than they do on golf instruction and the ability to teach others. Granted, not all of the other industry professionals, unfortunately, are up to snuff either, but usually one will know the good firms and doctors. Great golf instructors are like unicorns seems like.
    • Can you put something over/behind your trail shoulder?
    • Pfizer, Moderna and J&J now come in chip-free versions.  Just ask for it at your friendly neighborhood pharmacy.
    • if a 20 index senior were to get fitted for irons, previous using10 YO cavity back, what is a realistic expectation new tech would bring? e.g.  +7 yds distance from +2 mph clubhead speed less spin,  4 yd narrower dispersion assuming spending $1000 is affordable.... thanks in advance, mike   
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